Top-Rated Campgrounds on the Coastal Oregon

The Coastal Oregon has a lot of great campgrounds by the beach all lined up, and honestly simply just different from your everyday tour to your local beach. The coasts here are famously known for the pristine beaches and natural wildlife and have an acclaimed trail called the Oregon Coast Trail that all hikers, campers, and wanderers enjoy alike.

Campsites here by the coast are most accessible and can be reached via cycles, RV’s, cars or mostly any means of transport and provide scenic views of both sea, sky and forests. While some grounds here are maintained by the US Forest Service that offers very primitive, pristine, and secluded spots for camping that are simply just great.

Most coasts are taken care of by the Oregon State Parks that provide a more comfortable and convenient experience. The inclusion/availability of amenities like hot showers, toilets and designated areas with parking and sites for non-motorized travelers.

So if you’re ready to make Delta Airlines Booking Flight your next camping reservation here for the summer and revel in the beauty of all the elements then here are some of the top-rated campgrounds on the Coastal Oregon.

1. Cape Lookout State Park

Located within the 40-mile stretch of the Three Capes Scenic Route, Cape Lookout State Park is definitely one of the most scenic and convenient camping grounds here in Oregon. The spot here offers nearly 200 campsites that are a stone’s throw away from the ocean and while most prefer to camp here, if you’re more interested in experiencing the beauty of Cape Lookout in the comfort of your RV then you’re in luck as the park offers hook-up for up to 50 RVs but mind that it may not exactly be extra-large gear friendly.

The park here also provides accommodation options for those who don’t have either camping gear and RV’s and just wish to spend their days in the near proximity of the ocean. Facilities like restrooms and hot showers are available here for everyone staying the night. What’s more, is that the park has a great network of trails for hiking and also a path that leads you to the top that commands great views around. As one of the more popular options on the list here, it is a good idea to reserve spots here in advance as reservations are mandatory.

2. Humbug Mountain State Park

The Humbug Mountain State Park located at the foot of the Humbug Mountain offers some of the warmest coastline weather in the region all thank to the geographical location of the mountain that block out the chilly winds from the north. The campsite here has a total capacity of 39 water and electric hook-up spot and 56 tent sites for those interested in camping here by the coast.

The park offers some really spacious and ample grounds, space and sea that gives great opportunities to partake in some fun and thrilling outdoor activities like scuba diving, hiking and windsurfing. Those who actually decide to trek the Humbug mountain will be in for a rewarding treat of views of the scape and scenery from the top.

The site also provides for great amenities like hot showers and clean toilets but comes with just one drawback, that the proximity of the highway makes the sound of ongoing traffic audible over the sounds of the crashing waves.

3. Fort Stevens State Park Campground

A former military space now converted into one of the largest camping grounds in Oregon. The Fort Stevens State Park is located in Astoria in the northwest part of Oregon and boasts an impressive 300 sites for tent camping and another 150 sites for RV’s. The park here provides expansive access to the beach and miles of paved trails for bikes leading to the spectacular Jetty at the mouth of the Columbia River.

Apart from the usual conveniences offered like running water, flushing toilets and hot showers the accessibility to some old military museums make it a great place to visit for both children and history buffs that want to go through a self-guided tour of archival photos and history of the fort’s rich military past.

The Peter Iredale shipwreck is also another great spot to visit here next. Besides the main camping ground is Coffenbury lake where you can have a relaxing day of fishing, paddle boarding and canoeing. Rainbow trout are an abundant species here and so there is always something to catch here.

Even though the park is quite big in itself it usually tends to get filled out during the summers, so if you’re planning to visit it is best advised to reserve a spot for yourself and your family in advance.

4. Harris Beach State Park

The state park of Harris Beach is especially popular for one thing i.e. the great breathtaking views and has easy access to the Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor just up ahead. The park here is located on the southern end of the Oregon coast and accommodates a total of 60 camping sites and about 90 sites for RVs with hook-ups and plus-ins. Showers, toilets and drinking water are usual but useful available here at the park but also included are picnic tables, parking spots and fire rings for those who wish to use them.

The park here is home to some rare birds and clean beaches coupled with the scenic view makes it one of the best places to camp here. For campers who wish to access the beach can get there by following a paved path that connects the camping ground to Downtown Brookings.

5. Wright’s For Camping

One of the more ideal spots from the list that caters to family-style camping, Wright’s for camping is a family-owned and run family camping ground. The site here has been open since 1959 and is a car and tent-only camping site with no provisions for RVs. Here at the camping site, there are 22 spacious allocations that are quiet and located within a shaded accommodation.

The camping site is also located really close to Cannon Beach (about half a mile) which is one of the best beaches here in Oregon. The Haystack Rock is another popular attraction here. The site here also offers water for drinking, a shower and onsite coin-operated laundry. The nearby Ecola Creek Forest Reserve is also another great place for a fun-filled forest hike with the family.

6. Tillamook Head Backpackers Camp

Another picturesque campsite Tillamook Head Backpackers is a free-to-stay first-come-first-serve camping site located within the Ecola State Park. The park here is surrounded by old trees and has shelters, vault toilets, and tent space available.

The scenic and quiet place however hardly gets the crowd and attention that it deserves due to the challenging four and half-mile hike to the camp and also the added point of carrying water for your own needs. The easiest way to access the site would be from the north of the city of Seaside. To reach the north part of the city dial Copa Airlines Numero De Telefono and book your flight ticket to start your journey.

However, after you make it here the camp makes it up to you with peaceful solitude and access to the magnificent ocean. The old decommissioned Tillamook Lighthouse also adds to the scenic charm and after the sun sets, large fire pits encourage campers to settle in around and connect with a sense of community.