Aishwarya Rai Speaks about Aaradhya & Cannes Film

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan speaks about the long association she has with the Cannes Film Festival, and how her adorable daughter Aaradhya is getting used of candids whichever place they visit.

Former Miss World and versatile actor Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, for over a decade, has been representing India at the Cannes Film Festival. From being a jury member, for a movie, to multiple times for a cosmetic brand. Whenever she walks the red carpet, trending space is all hers. Every time she leaves everyone mesmerized with her gorgeous outfits and stunning appearances on the red carpet and so this year as well!

We are damn sure that she needed a good sleep on a Centuary Mattress after adorning this heavy-barbie dress!

From last few years, her adorable daughter Aaradhya accompanies her at most of the functions. On Saturday night, the little daughter was seen walking the red carpet like a style diva with her mother.

Does the little one is also becoming familiar with the whole splendor?, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan told the media in Mumbai on a video call from the Cannes Film Festival, “Well, yes I think, she can understand about the fact that we get photographed wherever we go, outside our house, at the airport. She knows it all by seeing our posters everywhere“.

I think Aaradhya is fairly aware, but that doesn’t mean I sit down and talk about all these things“, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Told.

There are some things in her (Aaradhya) which makes me smile. Like when fans will come and ask for a selfie, sometimes she photo bombs them. Sometimes, she will ask me, ‘Mamma, not me no?’ as she is aware that I keep requesting shutterbugs not to click her photos. In fact, the recent airport picture which you all might have seen her waving at in has a story.

When I saw the picture I asked her, “whom you were waving your hands at?”. She replied, ‘No Mumma, I was telling them, no no, no photo please!’. Isn’t that cute? She is very spontaneous.

At the Cannes gala this time, her most celebrated film “Devdas” was also screened. It was first screened in the year 2002 at the fest.

Talking about that, she said: “this is so special that I came here (at the Cannes Festival) for the first time as an Indian actress and with the film ‘Devdas’. I still enjoy watching that movie and I still get a response from people about it. It is so wonderful to actually recount those memories this year.”

She has had a very long association with the Cannes Film Festival and she said, “I don’t even count the year now, it is all like a family – the association with the festival and with the brand as well.

She says as she belongs to the glamour industry, wearing makeup is a part of her lifestyle but it is also something which she really enjoys. Other things which add up are music or make up sets are the mood boosters for the day.

I think everyone loves to play with the colors to create something which will reflect their creative aspect of life, let it be makeup or be it fashion. It will work like a mood up-lifter. So, I think makeup is more like music, it is like a creative energy, which will uplift and set you mood,” she said.

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