Example of Resume for IT professionals to get their Dream Job

In Software Industry unless you have a good resume no one is going to shortlist you for an Interview. In this matter basically freshers struggles. Are you not getting the way how to prepare a professional resume. Looking for a Example of Resume which can help you. Look at below here I am a 12+ years experienced IT professional sharing my own Career profile for your reference. You can consider this as an example of Resume for experienced professionals.


Sr. Software Engineer, ZenSar Technology

Email – web.biswabhuxxx@gmail.com

Mob. +91-8857898XXX

Determine to tune up an amazing career goal with one among the vastly growing leading Corporate, where so I can effectively utilize my finest knowledge and bunch of technical skills. Committed to become an asset for your esteemed organization, prior to dedication and quality deliverable.


Secondary Skills – ASP.NET, VB.NET, SQL Server, PHP, MySQL, ANGULARJS 2


Having more than 12 years’ experience in Web Technologies. Working as a Technical Specialist in ZenSar Technologies. Experienced in using HTML5, CSS3, JAVASCRIPT and JQUERY. Well understanding over Responsive Web Designing. Good in ANGULARJS and BOOTSTRAP. Familiar with Agile methodology. Capable to handle US & UK based Customers. Including development having solid experience in Search Engine Optimization Techniques. Well understanding over both On-page and Off-page SEO Optimization techniques.


ZenSar Technologies, May 2018 – Continuing

Year back I am working with ZenSar Technologies. The key responsibilities I am handing are Coding, Code Review, HTML Template Creation and Responsive Web Designing. Including me more 6 members are working in our Team. We are working for the Customer “MasterCard”.

The application I am working is a CMS. Where MasterCard people can Create various kind of Web pages by dragging and dropping UI elements. I worked for few UI elements like “Menu”, “Bread Scrum”, “Treeview”, “File Uploader” & “Date Time Picker”. Additionally, I am doing UI development for “Digital Experience Platform”.

InfoSys Ltd., March 2015 – January 2018

In InfoSys I am working as a Sr. UI Developer. Including me more 6 UI developers are working in my Team. On daily basis I am putting equal effort for managing Team and Coding. Technologies I am working in my recent project are HTML5, CSS3, JS, AngularJS 1.5 & BootStrap. In addition to day today activities I am an active member of COE Team. Taking Care of Technical Training’s for TSOUI folks. Awarded by TSOUI for Creating Technical Help manuals.

CLIENT – Molina Healthcare (US)
Platform – HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript, AngularJS 2 & BootStrap
In this project I am working nearly before 2.5 yrs. back. Here we are following Agile methodology. Scrum master from US creating tickets in JIRA. On daily basis I am analyzing those tickets and workflow for each item. Depending upon the level of Complexity, I am assigning tickets to my Team mates. Challenging stuffs I am handling by my Own. Depending upon the requirement’s I am creating Functional Specification documents. For color palette and scaling I am using Adobe Photoshop 7.

ZYMR Inc., September 2014 – JAN 2015, Sivaji Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra

PROJECT – Clovis AaaS
Platform – HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript, SASS, AngularJS & KineticJS
Clovis AaaS is Policy Designer Application. It has 3 panels. Left panel is the Tool bar. Central panel is a HTML5 Canvas. Here user can drag the Nodes from Tool bar to design Policy Documents. Right panel presents Properties respect to each Node. For Drag n Drop & to Generate Shapes here I used KineticJS. In the central area node can be connected using connectors. Finally the application renders JSON on click of save button. This JSON is used to design the real-time flow. I am leading this project & taking care of all UI related stuffs.

Persistent System (p) Ltd., December 2011 – AUGUST 2014, Blue Ridge (SEZ), Hinjewadi, Pune, Maharashtra

Platform – HTML 5, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, ASP.NET, C#.NET, Qunit for Testing
Including On-site developers here we are 12 members in our team. In this project special features, I got chance to work with are very Creative & Challenging too. From the date begin in this project I am playing the role of a lead developer. In a regular basis taking care of day today Developments, Requirement Analysis, Design Documents, Timesheets Management, Bug Tracking (TFS) & Coordinating. The challenging stuffs I worked in this project is “Table Implementations, COPY & PASTE operations, UNDO & REDO functionality, Performance Tuning & Memory Managements, Integration of SPEECH SERVICE using ACAPELA voice service provider, Speech timing adjustments algorithm & Interactive Document Design”. Including the above I also take part in UI Architecture & Many Functionalities from Toolbox. Using HTML 5 here I worked for few advanced HTML Controls like Canvas or Media Controls. Get a good chance to interact with JQUERY, JSON & Kinetic JS. For this project deployment environment is Windows Azure. To store newly created files I worked on Blob storage.

Platform – HTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, Ajax
In this project including me we are 22 team members working together to provide better enhancements & updates on a regular basis for more than 32 global customers LIKE RGBN, ELLA MOSS etc. About my involvement I joined the project just after the beginning days. I am working on enhancements as well as taking care of customer reported bugs from defect tracker.

Synechron Technologies – May 2010 – December 2011, Phase II, Rajiv Gandhi IT Park, Hinjewadi, Pune, Maharashtra

Platform – HTML, CSS, Jquery, JavaScript, Photoshop
This is a web base on-line visa processing system. This application has 3 major modules. Module 1 is related to end-users like students or whom they applied VISA for Government of US. Module 2 is the Central Collaboration of module 3 & 1. Module 3 is doing final VISA related data submission for Verification. In this application I am taking care of Module 2 to implements new features as well giving maintenance to existing system.

PROJECT RTCC – Corporate Portal
Platform – DNN, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript & JQuery
This is a short term UI based site designing, In this project I am taking care of UI Designing using HTML5, CSS3, DotNetNuke, JQuery & JavaScript. This project duration is 3 months. This is basically a corporate site for the customer RTCC. To better approach during this project duration I had taken training to work with HTML5 & CSS3. Worked for few major pages including all its Products, Advertisements, About RTCC and Contact RTCC, I did browser compatibility final HTML & CSS I am integrating to the Enterprise version of DotNetNuke (DNN). In this project I worked for 3-4 dynamic forms using DNN dynamic form features.

Enterprise System Software (p) Ltd., December 2009 – Mar 2010, Infocity, Bhubaneswar

CLIENT – UK University
Platform – HTML, CSS, JQuery, C#.Net & Sql Server
Description & Responsibility
MoleDEV is the system where we are using mobile technology to create learning activities and quiz for students. Teachers can login using their own login credentials can create LA or Quiz. These LA or Quiz is available to the student’s cell phone. Students can read and respond. Whole total MoleSYS is the system which designed to educate students using mobile technology. Here I used VB.Net & SQL Server. Worked as a Sr. Developer.

Processmap Infotech (p) Ltd., May 2007 – Aug 2009, 605 &606, Forum Mart, Unit III, Kharvel Nagar, Bhubaneswar

PROJECT – Industrial Hygiene
CLIENT – Good year
Platform – HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#.Net & Sql Server
Description & Responsibility
Industrial Hygiene module is specially designed to full fill industrial safety by storing sequential records. This web product is specially designed for client Goodyear to keep track about its manufacturing unit employee’s environment, health and safety by analyze track records/graphs. As a rubber manufacturing company Goodyear has several manufacturing plants. This web solution keeps track record for various industrial hazards incident to prevent the same from future. Excellent report wizard including crystal report. Auto mail and notification wizards. Ultimate location setup option to manage global locations with very nice corporate portal, site portal, group portal and my portal. Administrator setup tab with user level permissions are additional structure. Additional module like Accident Incident management module (AIMS), document management module, chemical module, audit module are additional products powered by Processmap for Goodyear including IH module. Worked as an account owner for Goodyear, IH module

PROJECT – Report Central (RC 2009)
CLIENT – Processmap & all customers
Platform – HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#.Net & Sql Server
Description & Responsibility
Report Central is a central web-based application to handle several customers report resolution. RC facilitates Dynamic report generation for an end-user. Its gives various options to a user to generate his or her report & to store them for future references. My report option say’s a special user account for private operations. In core this system is working like a junction point. Using BI tool, we are generating dynamic reports. Input params for dynamic report generation are coming from dynamic web forms. Forms are rich with Encryption, Decryption, Strong Validations, GUI look and feel, having XML & XLST form field controller to handle several customers demand under user friendly super admin panel. To generating report, we are connecting various applications, n number of users as well various database servers from multiple locations. To make the data flow faster and smooth db system is designed with well planned. Data in, Data out happening only under stored procedures. Automated job are programmed to update data mart system for fastest access. Sophisticated user dashboard. Integrated with .net Dhundas chart to represent the data visuals. To achieve a digital dashboard with Dhundas we added with plenty JavaScript’s. As we are dealing with report data, system is built to always encode data transactions. Inner is a N-tire architecture. Database is playing role using database factory. To search reports system provides multi search options. Filed wise, date wise, wild search, free text search like many advanced search criteria are there. Finally, reports user can save can transfer to PDF, WORD, XLS, CSV files etc. Worked as a Sr. Developer.

PROJECT – Chemical Management Module
CLIENT – Bunzl Corporation, USA
Platform – HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#.Net & Sql Server
Description & Responsibility
This module was designed to keep track of chemicals used in an Industry. Apart from the base module portal & administration, chemical management module having 2 more major parts, “MSDS Management” & “Chemical Approval Process”. When a new chemical purchase from a specific vendor, if this chemical not required an approval process then user can use it using MSDS Management to track this chemical details including behaviours & use percentages. If a chemical required approval process then it has to pass through Chemical approval tab. Excellent search filters including FREE TEXT SEARCH, company chemical library & facility chemical list search. Excellent location setup option to manage various global locations of Clients. Search option is having excellent dynamic filters panel including chemical status, MSDS date and selected display columns about the chemical details as shown in below grid of chemical list screen. Sorting, Pagination, Alphabetical Search options, Export to excel & pdf, copy chemicals etc are the functionality we implemented, To add a new chemical I worked for various tabs like “chemical details”, “quantities/inventories”, “ingredients/constituents”, “properties (like boiling point, freezing points etc)”, “occupational exposure limits (OEL), “incompatibles”, “health hazard & first aid measures”, “fire fighting measures”, “regulatory information’s” and the most critical thing “dynamic question setup option with multiple web server controls”. In other part Chemical Approval process I have worked for the most difficult page for Request a chemical with minimum 30 input fields, 7 Pick list, 8 drop-down including file attachment system. Including me 3 developers are involved in this project. I worked as a Sr. Developer to handle major responsibilities for Chemical Management part.

Bloochip Infoline (p) Ltd., Apr 2006 – December 2006, Tower 2000, Mancheswar, Bhubaneswar

PROJECT – My Submittals (Online Courier Service)
My submittals provides web-based document transmittal for leading Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Sub Contractors and others. This project is designed using .Net framework 2.0 & SQL Server 2005. Four type of user’s group (Free user, Annual member, three years member & super admin) playing role in my submittals. Server resources and functionalities access level are varies from user to user. An excellent content management system is added to the control panel of super admin. For flexible and platform independent document transmission we integrated (Neevia) PDF Converter. Some 195 types of file formats are supported by this third party PDF component. Dynamic database oriented file folder management system with shared file folder option is added to my folder module. User can upload multiple files using ZIP format. Third party component of zip/unzip will take care to decompress the attached zip file into server. To upload a file into my submittals, it charges 5 dollar & for paid user online payment we embed payment gateway with strong client side validations. Dynamic menu system and attractive GUI is the rich features in my submittals. Well structured database design, for vast data interaction and faster search capacity I use indexing, stored procedures, triggers & cursors. Responsibilities This is the major project that assigned to me at Biochip. I handle the sole responsibility on this project as a Single Dot Net Resource.

Mar 2005 to Mar 2006 – Worked as a ASP.NET faculty.

IIT Madras, Tenet Group, Mar 2004 – Mar 2005, Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai – 600036

PROJECT – 4 on-line web based educational packages.
CLIENT – N-louge communication (p) Ltd, Adyar, Chennai.
Platform – Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, JS

  • Chirag Adobe Photoshop Tutor
  • Chirag GIMP tutor

These educational packages are designed under “rural India development” project sponsored by N-Louge Communication (p) ltd. User needs to login with proper user id & password to access server resources, documentations & flash animated clips. These all educational packages are designed using asp.net & vb.net & database is at sql server. As these educational packages designed to educate rural Indians, for easy and clear understanding we include many animated help clips with voice + music to make these packages more fine, fancy & user attractive.


MCA – 2003 – IACR, RAYAGADA – 75%
BSC (Electronics) – 2000 – PN COLLEGE, KHURDA – 58%
+2 Science – 1997 – PN COLLEGE, KHURDA – 45%


Name – Biswabhusan Panda
Fathers Name – Mr. Bijay Kumar Panda
Mothers Name – Mrs. Shantilata Panda
DOB – 01/06/1980
PAN No. – AQGPP2455A
Contact number – +91-9096266XXX
Email ID – panda.biswabhuxxx@gmail.com


I hereby declared that all that above information’s and particulars are true to the best of my knowledge and beliefs.