While buying Compare Smartphones features we listed

Purchasing Smartphones sounds electrifying, but choices are profusely flourishing in the market. Being a common laity and a novice to computer jargons like quad-core, megapixels, android, RAM, it is sure for you to get confused what to buy or which handset will be best? With diverse brands like Samsung, Nokia, SONY, HTC, and others, it is obvious to get bewildered; especially if you are the first time shopper. The first question that promptly knocks you is how one phone is different from the other? You are investing a vast amount on the Smartphones, so it would be wise to know all features of the handsets along with their pros and cons and reach at a careful decision before buying the device. Many a time companies go all out to promote their brands with focusing on the features that in reality does not tell the whole story. Therefore, consider the following tips to Compare Smartphones features before purchasing the best suitable Smartphone.

Compare Smartphones Operating System

Regarding the operating system, the market is flooded with Blackberry, android phones, and windows phones. Amidst these, the present market is segmented within the android phones and windows. Android operating system allows you to avail all Google apps like Google search, Gmail, Maps, Hangouts, and You Tube. Alongside, you can get access to thousands of apps in the Play Store. The advantage of an android phone is that those are made of touch screen and you can easily connect it to your computer through a USB cable and transfer files effortlessly. Jelly Bean and Kit-Kat are the recent versions of android, for which you can make a choice. On the other hand you can go for the Nokia Lumia –the best windows phone with good hardware for the price. This comes with another advantage like efficient navigation services with Maps and Drive+ services. Some of these phones come with facilities like subscriptions to free content for e.g. music and movies. There are iPhones from Apple that ensures premium quality digital content along with smooth operating systems for those vying for the Apple products.

Compare Processors

As a buyer you might come across the word dual core, quad core, and sometimes octacore processors. So do you know how much processing power is essential? Or does more processing power refer to better performance? Absolutely not. Comparatively a dual core processor works fine for you if you are not used to high-end gaming consul. Gadgets like Nokia Lumia uses mid ranmge dual core Qualcomm S4 chipsets that are also available in Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro and Sony Experia M. A quad-core processor with 2GB RAM can provide you ample gaming options. However, it is better to search for the best brand to get optimum performance.

Compare Smartphones Display

The display of a Smartphones is of prime concern while buying it. It will be wise decision to load the web page in small devices to test the clarity of the text whether it is readable without much stress to your eyes or not. In case you are phablet lover, then opt for a full HD display, as HD (720p)screens performs good for gadgets up to five inches in size. If you want to get those effective colors, then go for the AMOLED screens. However, for a general user, a Smartphones featuring 720p display plus pixel density of 280-350 range should be appropriate. Now-days Smartphones are available with scratch-resistance layer on the top that functions like a screen guard.

Compare Camera Quality

While buying a Smartphones with good quality camera do not count on the megapixels, which is of no use. There should be LED light and good camera optics. If you are not an avid photographer and need some snaps to upload on social media sites only, then a 10MP camera phone is worth buying.

Compare Smartphones Size & Color

While considering size of a Smartphones, screens with four to five inches delivers best performance. The 4.5 inches to 5.5 inch group is becoming popular recently. However, on the flip side, big screens allow for a better viewing of movies, playing games, and browsing the net. So choice is yours.

Some Handy Fingertips

Search for the high battery capacity or at-least for a removable before purchasing your sought after piece While considering memory, 16 GB is just reasonable for you to play all the HD games and carry your complete music library. However, you want to get hook on to those HD video for hours long, then 32 GB will be enough for you. Regarding the make, the metallic builds rock well if you after the look and feel of the handset. On the contrary, lighter plastic phones are best to stick with as they provide ease of handling.

Guarded with these tips, you are secured to get hold of the reliable piece of Smartphones. It is worthy to check for its service centers in your city in case you are purchasing a local brand. So reading all the brand review plus these handy tips you are sure to get the best Smartphones.