Top 5 Tools to Enhance your Business Performance

The beginning of a successful journey for a business is understanding the secret of growth. Small businesses are evolving with the speed of light and are taking advantage of the most common element of today’s era of automation and digitization – technology.

Successful businesses keep themselves in sync with technological innovations. Wide-range of b2b companies need to carry out customer due diligence for the identification of the business they work with. Speaking of identification, Know your Business (KYB) process is carried out with a high rate of accuracy and efficiency for the identification of a person, who is responsible for legal representatives of business.

It would be a great idea to choose the right tool for the right business for its unpredictable acceleration. Below are some tools which are also recommended by entrepreneurs for business performance enhancement and for the prevention of fraudulent activities. is a very well-known customer engagement platform that proves to be beneficial to provide the best customer experience. With the help of these platforms, businesses can handle an enormous amount of customer queries and requests accurately and efficiently. Providing customers with the right product at the right time is the key to success for businesses. boosts customer support and ensures that your customer stays with you. It offers pro-engagement features such as chatbots and tools for building a knowledge base. Also, conversational sales chatbots prove to be helpful for teams by gathering information and drawing website visitors in. This helps to save time and resources, and will eventually have more targeted and relevant sales conversations.

Shufti Pro

When it boils down to user authentication and developing a transparent relationship between customers and businesses, Shufti Pro’s KYB is the one-stop solution for business identification, business filing, business networks, and business statement. Shufti Pro provides it’s services in approximately 100+ countries, possesses data of 200 million companies, and 140+ global commercial registers and jurisdictions. Shufti Pro is capable enough to have global coverage for business verification. Shufti pro market-leading KYB solutions offer effortless integration with businesses with a strong risk shield against fraudulent activities. KYB services offered by Shufti pro are for a wide range of industries, including financial sector, legal sector, insurance companies, Fintech, brokerage houses, and online businesses.

Considering 75% of the employee rate, teamwork and collaboration are two factors that are crucial for business growth, and it makes sense to invest in such tools. In this modern era of technological advancements, documents are more multi-dimensional and flexible than ever before. Information around us keeps growing at a swift speed and we need more powerful tools for better data management. is an all-in-one document collaboration and management platform that provides a smart editor for the creation of interactive live documents. Document tracking and a robust content library allow teams such as sales and marketing to analyze how people interact with their documents after sharing.


If you have a hard time reconciling financial records and you are looking for a solution, ZipBooks is the best tool as it is free accounting software that keeps track of every number related to your business. Intelligence-driven software is reliable for fine-tuning check and balance to analyze consumer interaction with business. Checks and balance are very delicate and cannot be totally left in the hands of employees as humans are prone to error. ZipBooks automated the process of bookkeeping and ensured that recurring expenses, accounts payable, and other financial transactions are recorded with a high rate of effectiveness, accuracy, and efficiency.

Anti-virus Software

Cyber attacks and data breaches are at their peak. This means that enhancement of business cybersecurity plays a crucial role in business performance enhancement and growth acceleration. Signature-based antivirus software is incorporated in businesses that scan files to ensure that there are not any hidden threats. This sort of software helps to detect anything that is malicious or shady for business and then removes the affected file from the network. Although there also exists pre-composed software which is acquired as it is by businesses, businesses are investing a hefty amount in anti-virus software and make customization according to business infrastructure.

Time to Choose Wisely

Growing businesses are striving to be the next big thing in their fields. Business acceleration is not possible without effective tools in this modern era of automation . There are numerous other tools out there other than above-mentioned tools that prove to be beneficial for business performance and acceleration. Now, it’s your turn. It’s high time to choose wisely which tool is appropriate for your business keeping in view technological revolution. Moreover, the number of hackers is evolving in parallel to technological advancements, which proves to be a solid reason to consider security measures when it comes to business acceleration.