Top 20 Lean Six Sigma Tips worth Remembering

Proper use of tools and methodology help a person to go far. The proper implementation of Lean Six Sigma does the same as an organization. Six Sigma is a set of management techniques that intend to improve the business process by detecting the errors and elimination of the defects from a business process.

The definition of Six Sigma may vary according to the practitioner. The organizations today hire experienced personnel to apply Six Sigma methodology to their business process. However, whatever may the definition be, there are specific tips and tricks an organization must follow while implementing the methodologies.

We will discuss the top 20 tips to manage your organization better, with the help of Lean Six Sigma Certification.

Plan your Project Well – Whatever project you may take to implement, focus on the planning segment. A well-planned project goes far than an averagely planned.

Recognize the exact scope of work – Recognize the 4Ps of marketing before you start with your product. Great scope increases the opportunity of great ROIs.

Develop an understanding of the problem – Your business can be the best fit where you are trying to solve a problem in the market. You must have an understanding of the existing problem and how your business is going to be the solution.

Use creative tools to develop quality ideas – You can’t be stagnant about ideas, even if you are manufacturing limited products or catering limited services. The ideas of presenting your business to the market must be creative.

Using decision-making tools to identify solutions – Adhering to the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, DMAIC roadmap, develop the selection of ideas.

Managing the internal relations well – Always maintain a good relationship with the stakeholders and employees of the organization.

Plan and execute implementation with the most excellent care – Take care of the faults and flaws while planning and executing your project. Don’t overlook any point that might be a bigger problem afterward.

Extract and calculate benefits – Be calculative about benefits and follow the roadmap which leads you to at least minimum benefit, rather than no benefit at all.

Deliver sustainable and finished product only – No one wish to pay for incom0pleted product or service. Are you willing to pay an incomplete house? No, right? Similarly, focus on delivering the final product you desired.

Leverage Technology – Use technology in the business process to decrease the flaws. Right technologies will enhance the productivity of the organization.

Retain your customer with whatever it takes – You customers are your ultimate achievement. Retain them.

Change the behavior – If your behavior is being the barrier between what you are achieving and what you want to achieve, be free with the idea of changing your behavior right away. A better attitude will accumulate your business to the longer run.

Add Six Sigma to the core strategy – Use Lean Six Sigma,in every part of your organization. Taken from the core strategic planning to execution, Six Sigma must remain intact.

Identify quick-win projects – Don’t try to create something, for which you have to create the need in the market too. Choose the projects which will give you a quick win.

Create forums to sustain progress – See what other peoples with you and surrounding think about your idea. You can’t be rigid with the fact that “Boss is always right.”

Use improvement tools – Suing improvement tools will boost the speed of your growth. Using the right tool at the right place is a great benefit which Six Sigma teaches you.

Discuss more often – Be very inclined with the idea of discussion. You can’t develop an empire from guessing. Choose to discuss with your team.

Use expert suggestions – Even if you have a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification, you must hire experts to get suggestion time by time.

Train your team – Train your team with the idea of your dreams. Let them know how the six sigma is going to help the organization to do better in the market. A well-trained team can make everything possible.

Study the market – Don’t be blind with your idea. Study the position and statistics of the market more often. It will help you with identifying the scope of improvement and growth.

Author’s BioShabbir Khan is an SEO Expert and Blogger. He is SEO Manager at DigiDir (Digital Marketing Company), Noida. He has previously covered an extensive range of topics in his posts, including business and start-ups.