Top 10 Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting States Review

When it comes to good hunting locations in the United States, there are just a few that fall in this category. Out of those, there are just a handful that have the whitetail genetics that can produce typical giant animals that are 170 inches or the non-typical that are a minimum of 195 inches. The whitetail states that fall in this category can also be categorized as the best of the lot and have been discussed below. If you are visiting one of these great states and want to have the best chance at getting a deer be sure to check out the gear reviews at

10 Of the Best Whitetail Deer States

Wisconsin – This state is one of the best when it comes to giant-bodied northern bucks. It also holds the record of the best produce of bucks. Just like any other area that is inhabited by big sized bucks, access to the prime land is very tough to obtain. Nonetheless, there are some public lands in Wisconsin where you can find bucks, as well. However, if you are an aggressive and smart hunter, who is willing to do your homework on buck land, can easily find some in the federal and state grounds.

Ohio – This state comes second in the list of top trophy whitetail states. Just like in several Midwestern states, the archery season in Ohio also commences ahead of the rut and continues several months. On the other hand, gun seasons are quite short and post-rut.

Kentucky – This happens to be one of the prettiest states to hunt. With hills covered with vibrant yellow and crimson fall leaves and abandoned farmsteads frequented by mature bucks, it is a hunter’s paradise. It falls in the number 3 spot in the list of Trophy Whitetail State.

Illinois – The number of hunters in Illinois outnumber the number of deer and bucks by far. Add to that the politics and strict hunting laws have made the state one of the most overhunted spots. Nonetheless, it comes in the fourth spot in the list of Trophy Whitetail State.

Iowa – The state of Iowa is popular for its strict laws that increases the difficulty level of getting a hunting permit and the availability of giant whitetails.

Indiana – Although this state often comes beneath the big sized buck radar, there are giant bucks for hunting in Indiana.

Kansas – If you wish to hunt bucks in Kansas, then you need to obtain a permit for the same through a lottery system. However, good areas to hunt may take several years to draw.

Missouri – The best part about hunting in Missouri is that any person, irrespective of the age and residence, can obtain a deer hunt permit during the firearm season at half the price. Any shotgun or rifle with a capacity of a maximum of 11 rounds is legal in the state.

Minnesota – This state is a prime location for big sized northern bucks at the peak of the rut. All legal Deer Hunting firearms are allowed in almost half of the state.

Texas – The state of Texas produces more whitetail deer every year when compared to other states.

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