Importance of Boot and Boot Knife in Survival Situation

When you’re out in a survival situation, it’s important to dress up appropriately and have the necessary tools or weapons that can help you during dare situations thus, that’s why before we talk about boot knife, we are going to start with boots since that’s the most appropriate place to keep your boot knife when you’re out there in the woods.


An ideal boot should be of high quality (material), durable, versatile and with proper fitting. In an emergency situation; the choice of footwear may either help or rather hinder your survival effort.

Importance of Boots in Survival Situation

They are waterproof – when you’re in a survival situation the last thing you may want is for your feet to get wet. When you’re out there, there is little or no access to medical care thus you should at all times try to keep your feet dry since incase of infection; it will hard to get proper medication. Therefore, that’s the major reason why it’s necessary to choose boots as your preferred footwear when going or in survival situation. Though some climates like desert survival will require you to have non-waterproof and breathable boots to allow your feet remain dry at all time as well as not hold in perspiration.

Their sole offers plenty of grip – Boots provides ability to grip terrain as well as hold-up under heavy use. However, when shopping for the best boots for a survival situation consider boot soles that are stitches as well as glued to avoid easy tear and wear when you’re out there maybe without any glue to adhere your soles again to the shoes.

They have in-built pockets – Provides an ideal and appropriate location or place to keep your boot knife for easy access in cases of emergency.

Boot Knife

A boot knife is also known as gambler’s dagger. It’s a small-fixed blade that’s designed to be carried on or in a boot. Often, boot knives comes with a sheath and most of them have double-edge blades such as a dagger but ranges from 305-inches; basically 7.62-12.7cm.

When you’re in survival situation, at all time you need to be ready for any eventuality; you’re likely to face any danger thus one small-piece of kit which can help you out in those life and death moments is a simple and properly-stowed boot knife. They are easily accessible as well as quick to draw. It can be a small weapon but can make a great difference in your survival life.

Importance of Knife Boots

On instance, boots knives are known as helpful tools during emergency-situations. Mostly, they are located beside your legs on or in your boots. A boot knife is a tool that’s always ready for use. What makes them great is the fact that; they are slim, conceals easily as well as suitable for everyday carry.

A boot knife is versatile, they have multiple uses such as:

  • For Self-defense purposes-you can use a boot knife to defend yourself if you’re being attacked either by a wild animal or even fellow person thus a boot knife can come in handy to save the moment.
  • When you’re out for camping; you can use a boot knife in cutting vegetable, fruits, dissecting animals as you prepare for cooking and for hunting.


  • Update yourself with the local laws in regards to carrying a boot knife. Some states don’t allow it.
  • Always cover your boot knife with its sheath thus it serves as a protective-cover for your legs and not for the knife thus to help avoid getting cut or even injured when you’re moving.


When you’re in a survival situation, wearing a high-open leather boots with built-in pockets can be convenient for you since, you can easily hide your knife boots in your boots to help you out in-case of an emergency. In addition, consider using steel-toe boots in-order to protect your feet that is, from the knife. Henceforth, since boot knives are versatile weapon, it basically completes the recipe for any-survival attempt.

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