The most Comfortable Regions for Living in America

When considering moving to another city or even country, consider the regions of the United States. You’ve examined some points, such as the job market, average income of state residents, cost of living, quality of life, monthly payment, etc. That’s why choosing the best state to move to America should be one where the standard of living doesn’t change for the worse but is on par with or even better than the current one.

For most of you the first thing that occurs in your head is Florida, Miami. Yes, but it’s a vacation destination, but is Miami so good for a living? The main cities for good living, with normal income and low living in terms of apartment rent, are Tampa and Orlando. To get to know these cities better, car rentals Orlando can provide you with a car to explore the city and the region. Miami is great for vacation rentals, but the salaries are lower, and the rents are higher there.

Best U.S. States for Living

So, the best states to move to the U.S. are following:

  • Massachusetts
  • Minnesota
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • Colorado

The best states to move to the United States may be others. So, feel free to rent a car USA, because car rental companies provide and explore the regions on your own. This article compiles the most popular and sought-after by foreigners this year.


The most prosperous state in America in every sense is Massachusetts. It never ceases to amaze with its grandeur and new buildings. It is the best in education and takes second place in the healthcare ranking. The state is also 7th in the economy and 4th in crime and correctional facilities.

Massachusetts ranks first of all the states to move to in the United States. The best cities are Boston, Hingham, Cambridge, Lexington, Brooklyn, and so on. In addition to the beauty and uniqueness of the town, there are many villages with beautiful cliffs, stunning scenery, and coastlines.


Minnesota is the second most comfortable living choice in America. It has the third-highest employment rate and ranks 18th in the economy. It is one of the most beautiful states, enchanting with its scenery. Minnesota is teeming with lakes, with over 10,000 lakes! Also, Lake Superior, Minnesota, boasts beautiful Lake Itasca, which is on the state’s borders.

There are many interesting places here for visiting. There are many attractions and places, including ski lodges and resorts. The main cities are Minneapolis, Eden Prairie, Minnetonka-St. Paul and Edina.

New Hampshire

This year, this state took third place on the list of the best cities in the United States. New Hampshire is the best state to live in, with beautiful natural surroundings: mountains, forests, and four seasons. New Hampshire is among the safest places to live and has the lowest cost.

New Hampshire’s economy is relatively developed, with many health care organizations, I.T., advanced manufacturing, and urban development that keep national unemployment rates to a minimum and everyone employed. The best cities in the state are Manchester, Portsmouth, Windham, Hanover, Londonderry, Amherst, Durham, and Bedford, all great living places.

New Jersey

New Jersey is also a desirable state to move to, based on a survey. It is ranked No. 4 for living in America. It also ranks 6th in health care and the economy.

One thing to keep in mind is that New Jersey. It is a small U.S. state with some great tourist attractions. You can stop at towns in the New Jersey region, such as Hoboken, Princeton, Upper Moncler, and Ridgewood. These are national parks, places of natural beauty, authentic attractions, and essential historical centers.


Colorado is the fifth best state in the United States to live in. There are many options for living in this state. Colorado scores the best place in the economy and No.8 in infrastructure, followed by education and health care. Colorado residents are the healthiest in the country and have a much lower obesity rate than other states.

Each city is excellent in its way, but the one thing they all have in common is the sheer grandeur of natural beauty. Here are some cities to live in: Denver, Greeley, Colorado Springs, and Louisville, and so on.


As you can see, out of the many states, we have listed only five chosen by people who move for themselves for a comfortable life. But these states and cities are worth paying attention to.

You can choose the city of the region that you like best, not only in appearance but also in population, local customs, pricing, and so on.

Using cars for rent to learn more about regions and get a feel for each of them would be ideal. Therefore, feel free to use the car rental offers of any companies to rent a car for your purposes.