Hosting Enables Easy Implementation of Mobile Platforms

A product research on the smart phones by the consumers is increasingly on the rise. But, the actual online deals or purchases are typically done on laptops and desktops; presently tablets. Most of the hosting companies are coming up with newer versions and features in electronic gadgets for business expansion. There are several reasons behind this. Yet mostly, many online stores are not fully optimized for the mobile devices. Let us face the reality. It becomes quite tedious and difficult to shop on a very tiny screen. The conversion rates of the smart phones are usually less than 1 percent. Barcode scanning may seem convenient for connecting to any of the online stores in order to compare the prices while you are busy show rooming. But still, it is often difficult to go on with actual shopping.

So, do all of the above mentioned facts conclude that merchants should not bother with an optimized store of smart phone? Well, no, it doesn’t! As a result of this, merchants should be on the verge of implementing a fully optimized mobile store for numerous reasons as mentioned below:

Research Facilitation

Shoppers those who conduct product research in a store which is mobile friendly are less likely to part immediately.

Mobile Search Assistance

Google always prioritizes the mobile sites associated with the mobile searches. This increase the chances of your store being found on a smart phone during the research or show rooming by the consumers.

Timely Sales Growth

The rates of conversion on smart phones are lower as compared to other devices at present, but those rates will rise as shoppers get comfortable with the dealings and purchases on the smart phones. This usually happens especially with bigger screens and faster connectivity.

The biggest hindrance for the mobile stores deals with the development and support of a variety of operating systems on the smart phone devices and related form factors. If the ecommerce site of your hosting companies uses an older cart for shopping which does not support either the mobile or the responsive design, you may probably feel that your hosting companies were simply out of luck.

Still, there are many alternatives for the hosted mobile store those could be implemented speedily, especially when your cart formerly generates a data feed of the product. However, the customer experience by the customers may not be elegant in comparison with a responsive theme or custom store; but the implementation cost is quite low and even the time spent in marketing of the mobile site could go on hours or days instead of those like weeks or months.

So, if under such circumstances, you feel that your hosting companies are not ready for a fully dedicated mobile store, you can probably consider the launch of a “flash sale “or “best seller” site for the smart phone. This would assist your hosting companies in testing the mobile commerce without the involvement of a huge investment pertaining to both time and money.

Usually, the pricing factor could be demonstrated as a scalable monthly fee that is based on the number of overall traffic and products. There comes a re-targeting fee for both SMS promotions and SMS messaging. This retargeting fee is anyway, a separate charge every message.

The setup for the smart phones involves straightforward methodologies as demonstrated in the section below:

1. It requires the importing of your hosting companies’ product data feed

2. It deals with the customization and designing the layout for the store comprises of the theme selection, logo upload and module selection for the optimized shopping experience.

3. Another important methodology most of the hosting companies chose while setting up a smart phone is the election of custom features. The customer feature selection is inclusive of store locator, analytics, gift wrapping, and the options for shipping like Internet Banking, Cash on Delivery, Credit Card and Debit Card Payment along with the choice of accepting payments and processing orders

4. It also involves posting of a redirect code on to the new mobile store to enable the automatic view of it by the shoppers on smart phones

If the hosting companies are falling short of smart phone-friendly store, it surely may be worth your time for investigating these options.