Basic Procedures of Programming for Beginners

If you are a beginner then it is important to understand a few basic procedures that are involved in programming computers. A few concepts if best followed, can help in programming any PC, better. What exactly is programming a computer? It is nothing but telling or instructing the PC to do a particular job. The process is termed as computer programming! Extensible, sustainable and valuable commands are written, which are then read by the computer’s computing system, after which it performs a particular task.

Set of Instructions Needed

Programming languages of various kinds are used to achieve computer programming. For the PC to perform, just one single instruction does not suffice. Hence a various sets of instructions are necessary so that something substantial can be performed by the computer. The set of instructions given to the PC are termed as program and need to be submitted to enable it to complete or perform a particular task. If you feel that computer programming is a piece of cake for beginners, then the reality is that it isn’t!

Learning Processes and Concepts

Programming concepts and processes have to be learnt really well first. A good amount of skills in programming and proper know how is essential in ensuring that the task goes off well. The lowest machine coding is written in binary form and a series of ‘1’s and ‘O’s’. It is not just the lowest coding forms that are used in the computer programming process. Java C and other higher coding forms are also used to make the programming easier for anyone keen on using and learning computer programming besides the machine code.

Developing the Program

A number of procedures are involved in programming PCs. The first if program development. In this first phase, it does not matter if you are experienced or a novice in computers, it becomes necessary to work with sociologists, internet marketers and various other individuals to get a proper idea on the kind of program required in the market. This will help in ensuring better work performance at the workplace and at home. Once suggestions are received from other involved individuals then the process of creating features of the computer programming starts. Feasibility of the features suggested, are then determined.

Language Selection

Next comes, the process of selecting the right language. The right language needs to be selected depending upon how much knowledge you have about it and the need to develop it! Programmers commonly used PHP or the Hypertext Preprocessor and HTML better known as Hyper Text Markup Language which are two languages mainly used on the internet. PHP is used in developing things and applications that are actually not seen happening. An ideal option is HTML, useful in the development of basic pages on the web. Java, Visual Basic, CSS, C, MySQL C and a lot more other computer languages are also used, depending upon the need. It is in a single platform that various languages are frequently used by programmers. This is because every language performs functions that are unique and different.

Program Coding and Script Writing

The next process is program coding and script writing. When the program features are finally created, the computer programmer begins working on it. The program is coded and script written, so that the computer performs specific actions with the help of the computer language.

Program Testing

Program testing is the next process. After the program coding procedure the next thing to do is to test it. Before the computer program is released, it requires testing. For testing functional ability of the program, it is applied in a number of operating systems, by the programmers. If it is found that working of the program is good then it is ready for release in beta version.

Dealing with Errors Related To Trouble Shooting

When, beta version of the program is released, along with it is also released a request to the users for reporting any kinds of errors or bugs encountered during implementation. Accordingly they are fixed immediately.

Understand Variables and Output

In any language the most integral part understands the variables offering temporary storage and transferring of information, from one part to the other. In any programming language, a significant feature is output. Outputs can vary from one program to the other. The most common type is text output to obtain results, besides graphical output which requires higher resolution and is a bit difficult.

The task of programming computers is not easy. Being armed with the right basics helps towards moving the crucial next step. Ins and outs of programming should be best learn, by taking up tutorials or enrolling in a suitable school.