Kindle Paperwhite Tips and Tricks 2018

Kindles have revolutionized reading for all of us now. The Kindle is such an amazing device that even though phones and tablets can fulfill its purpose to some extent, the Kindle still reigns superior to them for most kinds of reading.

It is very easy to buy a Kindle paperwhite in Malaysia now as well so you can easily get your hands on one and make all kinds of reading convenient for yourself. If you are new to using the Kindle, here are some of our favorite tips and tricks to make it work its best for you.

Lending and Borrowing Books

One argument people always raise against the Kindle is that you cannot lend and borrow books from it as you can do with paperback books. Well, the creators of the Kindle listened to this plea, and now you can easily lend and borrow to and from other people’s libraries. The book will be away from its owner’s library for a set number of days after which it will return on its own.

Using the Pocket App

Now, just because reading on a Kindle is great shouldn’t mean that you should be limited to it. With the Pocket app, you can store any unfinished articles and books on the cloud and then access it from any other device. For example, you start reading something on your computer and want to continue on your Kindle; you can easily store it on Pocket and check it out anytime.

Checking Out GoodReads

GoodReads is an online reading community. It is a website and an app that is dedicated to everything book-related. You can chat with people about your favorite books, you can read hundreds of detailed reviews about any book you want to read, and you can find new books to get your hands on as well.

Create Libraries and Collections

You will certainly need to keep a collection of books in your Kindle. Organization of your books in a Kindle is key. Without organization, your books will be all over the place and create a hassle.

So you can easily create libraries and collections which people can refer to and with which you can keep track of your books as well.

Adjust the Font Size

Everyone is used to a different font size when reading the text. Unlike a paperback book, you can easily adjust the size of the font on your Kindle as you need. Because of this, you can easily read your material exactly the way it is comfortable for you.

Reading Newspapers and Magazines

Many of us still think that newspapers and magazines are only available as hard copies. Even though hard copies of magazines and newspapers are still relevant, people often don’t know that there are hundreds of papers that you can subscribe to using your Kindle. Not only will it make you more aware of the happenings in the world, but it will also help you clear up a lot of clutter that is created by collecting old newspapers and magazines.

Reading PDF and Word Documents

At some point in our lives, we need to read PDF and word documents. And even though the first thought that comes to our mind is that of reading on your computer, you would be pleased to know that you can read and even convert Word or PDF files on your Kindle. This feature makes your Kindle excellent for office work as well.

Sharing Content by Sharing an Account Details

You can also easily create a family account for your Kindle and share it with everyone. This way, none of the people who are close to you will have to borrow from you or be inconvenienced in any way.

Author’s BioJamie Kates is a student of Information Technology. She has a great passion for e-books and other technological devices that improve her reading capacity and brain power. She is also a passionate writer in her field related to software, e-readers, and other gadgets..