How the Changes in Pharmaceutical Bottles affects modern Medical Bottles?

What are Pharmaceutical Bottles? Pharmaceutical bottles in their simplest form are containers that are used to store medicine or anything used to treat people. Companies have made a lot of modifications to pharmaceutical bottles over the years. Gradually, these significant changes have paved the way for designs that result in better products for users. Industrialists made a lot of major decisions that lead to the presence of these far durable products in the market.

Let us take a look at how the changes in pharmaceutical bottles affect how we produce modern medical bottles.

The Prominent Changes in Pharmaceutical Bottles

The use of Stoneware – This was the first type of material that was used to make pharmaceutical bottles. At the time it was made, it was the best option available. One major disadvantage of stoneware bottles was that it was permeable. It was also very difficult to make because there was no technology to speed up the process. Another flaw was the fact that one could not see through the bottle. Stoneware bottles cannot be transparent. The worst part about these types of bottles is that they break very easily. A wrong move by the user and it topples and breaks. This flaw caused a lot of wastage of expensive medicine.

The use of Glassware – The bottle-making industry tried to fix some flaws present in the stoneware bottles through the use of glassware. The new type of bottles stopped the issue of porosity. Glass bottles do not allow liquid to seep out, thereby protecting the medicine contained in them. They also give the users the ability to see the drugs through the bottle as glass is transparent. They were also popular for being easier to produce with uniformity which made it easier for the mass production of drugs. The glassware bottles are still quite heavy and they break very easily.

The use of Plastics – Plastics are here to stay. They were not always this easy to get through. At first, when plastics joined the bottle-making scene, they were very expensive to make. They were also quite clunky. It took a while before plastics completely took over from glassware in the bottle-making industry. The moment they got the hang of making plastics properly, it completely outshined glassware. This is because it does not come with all the disadvantages of any of the former types of products for bottle making.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Medical Bottle

Durability – As an end-user, when you are deciding on a product to use as a medical bottle, you must consider the durability of the product. Customers are hardly ever careful with their drug packs, so you must ensure your packaging can brave the storm. It must not be so quick to give out. Your bottle must be able to withstand a good amount of heat without melting. It must also be resistant to water and even incidental crush.

Safety – Any product that relates o the health sector must be safe for general use. Your products must not constitute a health hazard. You must ensure that your bottles are safe even for kids. You must package your bottles in such a way that it would be difficult for kids to tamper with. This would ensure you do not get into lawsuits with your clients or the government concerning safety negligence.

Easy to Use – Everyone loves to buy products that are quite easy to use. Your bottles must not have a complex opening mechanism. You must ensure people can easily have access to their medication without too much hassle. The trick is to find a middle ground between making it difficult for kids to access the medication and still ensuring the mechanism of the bottle is simple enough for adults to understand.

Resistance to Porosity – The integrity of products is very important regardless of whether they are health products or not. People like to be certain that what they are buying has not been compromised in any way. When you are choosing a bottle for medical products, you must consider the porosity of such a bottle. You must not use a bottle that is permeable for your medication to avoid ruining the quality. Once the bottle has been sealed, the medication must be able to have contact with the external world again.


In conclusion, we have been able to see how the changes in pharmaceutical bottles affect how we produce modern medical bottles.
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