Reactors for the Chemical Industry

Promotion in the B2B market has its own specifics, information about which will allow not only to successfully sell products, but also to do it at minimal cost. At the same time, it does not matter what exactly the company is promoting – reactors for the chemical industry or raw materials, the main thing is to correctly build a promotion plan and think over ways to reduce the advertising budget.

First, you need to assess the company’s market share, brand awareness and reputation, and other parameters that allow us to assess the reduction in advertising costs. Companies with a large market share and a large number of regular customers can do this without any particular losses – in this case, it is enough to maintain their position in the market.

As for newbie companies that are just entering the market, advertising in this case is an effective means of conquering the market. Not only brand awareness, but also the very possibility of capturing a niche directly depends on the PR activity of company managers.

The main feature of the B2B market is a limited number of consumers, especially for highly specialized equipment, often the number of potential buyers is limited to 2-3 companies. In any case, the entrance threshold to any industrial market is high, and only a well-constructed PR strategy will allow you to overcome it as quickly as possible and with minimal costs.

Which PR Strategy is more Effective?

The intense activity of the PR department does not always lead to the desired result. An abundance of advertising, media interviews can be a waste of money, since the information does not reach the target audience.

If in B2C marketing, in order to maximize the return on advertising, it is required to convey information about the product to as many people as possible, then the specifics of B2B ideally implies contact with those who decide to conclude a contract, as well as with those who determine the technological characteristics of the required equipment, raw materials etc.

In particular, in order to sell a reactor for the chemical industry, it is necessary to present information about the benefits of using the reactors to the company’s management, but technical details are required by engineers and technologists. That is why this information should be in different parts of a brochure that a company offers to potential buyers at a trade show, or an advertisement in a professional magazine.

It is necessary not only to highlight the name and image of the product, which is enough when selling consumer goods, but to justify the reason for purchasing equipment in this particular company – these can be such advantages as increased productivity, reduce energy consumption, a wide range of technical parameters, etc. All this should be without efforts to be read in an advertising medium, be it a flyer or a billboard.

Advertising Reactors for the Chemical Industry in Specialized Conferences and Exhibitions

An assessment of the effectiveness of a product promotion channel can be made based on the concentration of representatives of the target audience among the audience reached. That is why the effectiveness of advertising in conventional and highly specialized media is strikingly different.

Similarly, you can compare the effectiveness of outdoor advertising on the highway and next to the exhibition pavilion, where a major industry exhibition is taking place – in the latter case, the percentage of the target audience will tend to the maximum. Only targeted advertising to potential consumers has a large indicator of reaching the target audience.

As for specialized conferences and exhibitions, in these cases the target audience is not just potential consumers, but future buyers who have a need for equipment and funds to buy – the last moment is very important in a crisis.

Often, participation in a profile insert allows you to conclude contracts for loading production facilities for several years in advance, while direct sales do not provide such efficiency.

Forming the structure of the advertising budget in the context of a strong budget constraint, up to 70% of the available funds can be attributed to participation in several large industry exhibitions and conferences – such an allocation of funds will allow you to get more returns and get real contracts.

An excellent solution for promoting reactors for the chemical industry on the B2B market is the Chemistry exhibition, which takes place annually at the Expo center Fairgrounds.

As for other channels for promoting goods, if there is an effective website, groups in social networks that can be supported by employees of the PR department, then cutting costs will not affect their effectiveness.

Moreover, if you wish, you can reduce the costs of some PR channels to zero, or rather, to the salary of a competent specialist, whose articles and press releases will be printed by the industry media for free.

This is especially true for those companies and enterprises that conduct their own research and development, which are used in their products. The presence of patents and other confirmations of the uniqueness of the developed methodology will ensure interest in the article and the company’s products.

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