How to make Logo? – Professional Logo Design Process

How to make Logo? - Professional Logo Design Process

In the world of Business good Logo designers are always in high demand. Designing a professional Logo is not an easy job. Logo design process required lot of attention and creative thinking. As you know Logo represents the Organization as it’s first impression. Which can impact customer’s brand perception or purchase decisions. So before going forward to design a logo you must need to understand what is the main purpose of the logo is. For which kind of organization or products or events you are going to design the Logo. Keep remember a logo is used to identify. That’s the primary reason before designing a logo you required well understanding over the business.

During we design a Logo technically we have to take care of Colors, Font Styles, Graphics, Images and Resolution. Including these technical things we also required to take care of the following basic principles of logo design process.

Make the Logo Simple

Logo is a Symbol to represent your Business. Rather designing a busy or cluttered Logo always give preference to make the Logo simple. A simple logo takes less time to remember by the Customers. If you are using Caption with your logo make sure that logo and caption are not merge badly. If you are using lines with your logo make sure you are using bold lines without a lot of elements.

Be Creative & Unique from Others

While designing a logo think widely. Don’t copy others. Apply your own creative ideas to make the Logo unique and original. Let’s take an example. Assume that you are going to design a logo for the popular Social Media Facebook. Here before designing the logo first ask your-self “What is the meaning of Facebook? and What it does?”. In replay I can say Facebook is a Social media where you can log your photo and more about you. The primary ambition of using Facebook is to Create an identity in the world of internet. So refer to the brand name Facebook I can suggest we can go for a logo like a Face symbol or even an additional book symbol with the Face symbol. In other hand Facebook helps to connect family and friends. Looking into this also you can plan like a logo with network symbol. So here my idea is to tell you don’t limit your thoughts during you plan for a logo. Before design a logo first come up with a unique theme. Then present that to pen and paper.

Make your Logo easily Transferable

Starting from Advertisement to packaging a logo appears in various medias. While designing a logo make sure the logo is easily transferable – Whether it’s a packaging, fleet of trucks, web or social media ads. A good logo works as both highway billboard or even an icon. Keep remember an effective logo is easily recognizable at a glance, both in black and white and color, and in any size with respect to the original ratio.

Stay Conscious of Color Selection

While adding colors to a logo keep remember too many colors in a logo will make your logo complex and expensive to print or embroider. It is advisable to apply not more then 3 colors to your logo. Even it is much better if your logo contains single or double color. Understand the psychology of colors before applying them to your logo. For an example if you are creating a logo for an environment related event then rather applying red prefer green color. For the meaning of Colors refer our Chart below.

  • Red – Power, Danger, Sexy, Angriness and Bold
  • Orange – Creative, Friendly and Youthful
  • Yellow – Inventive and Optimism
  • Green – Growth, Peace, Safe, Organic and Instructional
  • Blue – Professional, Medical and Trustworthy
  • Purple – Spiritual, Wise, Wisdom and Evocative
  • Black – Credible and Powerful
  • White – Simple, Clean and Pure
  • Pink – Female, Fun, Romance and Flirty
  • Brown – Rural, Historical, Rustic and Steady

Learn from Others

It may you are with thousand Creative ideas, but still we would like to suggest you to learn from your Competitors. Competitor analysis acts like a Catalyst to Creativity. Before designing a logo for your Company search Similar Companies in Google and Check which kind of Logo they created. In this way you can do better from your Competitor.

Research using Online Tools

Compare to manual Logo design process using online tools you can save time and efforts. Online tools provides Category wise in-built logos. Which you can customize as per your brand. Look at the following logo designing sites. Try with them to decide a logo of your Choice.