Attention on Monel k500 Plates, Sheets and Wires

Are you looking for the best service provider of Monel alloy K500 plates and sheets? Well, Kalpataru Piping Solutions will meet your needs with 100% customer satisfaction and superior quality product. Our company makes all the reasonable efforts in order to ensure a high level of accuracy. We are offering plethora range of Monel sheets and plates, which are perfectly designed to fulfill your varied needs. If you do not find any particular size of Monel Plates, Sheets and Wires from us, we are ready to offer custom sheets and plates as per your requirements including all the manufacturing and test certificates. Continue reading to know more about Monel k500 plates and sheets.

Things you have to know about Monel k500 plates and sheets

Monel is the alloy, which composed of nickel, copper, small fraction of carbon iron, silicon, and manganese. When compared to pure nickel, this alloy is much stronger and resistant to corrosion with various agents such as flowing seawater. This allows can be fabricated easily by hot working, cold working, machining, and welding. Robert Crooks Stanley first created Monel in 1901. Monel is now available in Monel 400, k500, and metal. In this blog, you are going to see about Monel k500.

Monel k500 is one of the famous nickel-copper alloys and it is the age-hardened version of Monel 400. This means it has resistance to corrosives (seawater) and greater strengthen. It is perfect for use in machinery, which either exposed to seawater regularly or submerged in the sea. You can also use this alloy for pump shafts and valve trimming. For client needs, we offer k500 in different sizes, shapes and specifications. It is also available in the hollow bar, pre-cut seamless pipe, flat bar, and so on.

Explore the use of Monel k500

Monel alloys are usually found in all the industries such as petrochemical plants, fertilizers plant and much more. It is especially available in chemical plant equipment due to its extreme resistance to chemical corrosion. Now, it is even accessed in the aerospace industry. Some of the products built with Monel are screw machine products, heat exchangers, piping systems, wind instruments, water tanks, roofing and kitchen sinks. Monel is accessed in these products before the advent of stainless steel. We manufacture, supply, and export Monel k500 not only in sheets and plates forms but also others forms such as wires, tubes, flanges, olets, valves, forged fittings and so on.

What are the advantages of Monel?

Even though many new and innovative materials come up in the market, most of the industries still access Monel alloys to meet their project needs because of the following reasons.

  • High mechanical strength
  • Relatively low costing
  • Resistance to alkalis and seawater
  • Easy to form and shape
  • High corrosion resistance to alkalis and acids
  • Available in different forms such as plates, bars, rods, tubes, and others
  • Attractive finishes and appearance
  • Long functional life
  • Excellent strength and workability

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