How to Order Kraft Paper Bags according to Sizes and Style Options?

Since their introduction in the 1800s, Kraft paper bags have come a long way. These bags are more durable today and business owners use them for daily sales, promotion, and other branding needs. Kraft bags come in various sizes and style options that give them an edge over other packaging materials.

Making Kraft paper Bags

Regular brown paper bags are from Kraft paper. The raw material for Kraft paper is wood pulp through a Kraft process. The best thing about brown Kraft paper is being without bleach. This means the paper bags are recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable to make them the best choice for all packaging needs. The process of making Kraft paper involves converting wood into pulp after testing wood chips using a special mixture for breaking down the bonds originally in the wood.

After completing the process, afterward, a special paper-making machine resembling a printer presses the pulp to form paper. Instead of using ink, the machine rolls out paper in blank sheets in tall thin slices. These slices are cut to particular dimensions for custom printing using offset lithography. The pieces are then glued together and handles are attached. Kraft is a German word for strength, an indication that Kraft paper bags are sturdy and durable.

How to order Kraft paper bags?

Choose size and Quantity

When ordering recycled Kraft paper bags (, you have to understand the size options. Equally important is to understand the minimum order quantity of the manufacturer. A reputable supplier will offer about 8 size options to fit your products. However, you have to consider various factors to choose the ideal size for your shopping bags.

The material and size of your products matter when selecting the size for your Kraft shopping bags. Keep in mind that some items are small but structured and bulky. If you have products of various sizes and weights, you should order Kraft bags in different sizes. Alternatively, you can get custom-made bags to meet your product requirements. When placing your order, look for a supplier whose minimum order quantity is not too high. Keep in mind that the bigger your order the more discount you’re likely to enjoy. Not to forget the possibility of free delivery.

Choose the Handle

When ordering Kraft shopping bags (, the choice of handle matters a lot. This determines the weight the bag is likely to accommodate. You wouldn’t want the handle to tear off before even the customer gets out of your establishment. Some of the options for shopping bag handles include:

1. Twisted paper handle

2. Flat paper handle

3. Rope handle

4. Ribbon handle

A reputable supplier will give you all the assistance you need when selecting the ideal handle for your paper bags. This will depend on your products and target market. Twisted paper handles are better for rustic or minimalistic brands while ribbon handles give paper bags a luxurious feel.

Shopping Bag Color

Color is very important when selecting shopping bags for your brand. Keep in mind that you might have an official color. Regular Kraft bags come in standard brown color. However, you can ask the supplier if they can deliver the bags in different colors too. The supplier can give the bags color of your choice to reflect your brand but it comes at an extra cost. You can check the company website to see the color options they offer.

Custom Printing

You can use Kraft paper bags ( as they come in their brown color. However, you will be missing out on the marketing potential. Although custom printing comes at an extra fee, it is worth the investment for various benefits. The cost of printing increases with the complexity of the job. Printing a simple logo on the bags won’t cost as much as giving the bags a combination of colors.

Using custom printed shopping bags sets your brand apart from the competition. Shoppers will enjoy walking with nice-looking bags. In the meantime, they will extend your brand reach to wherever they move. Printed shopping bags give your brand a luxurious appeal to attract A-list customers.

Adding Accessories

Kraft paper bags are durable and sturdy. They can support weights up to 10lbs. However, you can improve the capacity more by having accessories. This comes in handy if your products are a bit heavier. When ordering your paper bags, you have to consider whether you need accessories or not. Adding cardboard at the bottom of your bags gives them more structure and makes them more secure.

Kraft shopping bags are ideal for any business regardless of your products. These bags are eco-friendly and cheap. The best thing is that these bags come in various options.