Choose the right Wire with Proper Thickness for the Electric Dog Fence

The use of dog fences to keep the pets safe and secure within the yard of the master’s house is very much in use now on a global scale. The great effectiveness of the product has escalated its business throughout the world among pet lovers who keep pets and look to take care of them with all their efforts. A readymade Electric Dog Fence is available now, which is easy to set up anytime you wish by reading the user manual. People are getting more enthusiastic about using the fences to become more relaxed about the safety of their dear pet dog.

Why is the Wire so Important?

The invisible electric fence for keeping the pet safe is used both underground and above-ground. But the real difference takes place with the choice of wire. The preferable light-gauge wire requires protection, and hence they must be kept underground to use for longer. The availability of a variety of quality in this light-gauge wire is an option for the consumer.

On the other hand, for above-ground, you require solid base copper wire to make electric dog fence wire durable after being used in all seasons and with exposure to every calamity and even with a presence to the pet dogs. It can work for longer with correct electric shock for the lovely pets to keep them inside the boundaries of the house.

You can choose from a variety of 14-gauge to 20-gauge wires for use in the electric fence. The thickest of them is the 14 gauge, and the thinnest is 20, which the manufacturers mostly use in the pre-set readymade invisible fence for the pet. These do-it-yourself kits are gaining popularity every second with their usefulness and affordability. The electric fence is much more cost-effective compared to the physical fencing system.

Some prefer the wireless system of the electric fence because of its ease of installation. But comparatively, the wired system is of many conveniences. If your boundary area is much larger than the wireless system is not going to work that effectively at all. If you are looking to rely on the electric dog fence wire system, the wired fences are the best solution you have.

As the wire will send the correctness to the dog in an imperceptible way, the pet lovers have to be careful about its quality. Some defects in the wires may bind the system to work negatively, causing harm to the pet. You must consult with experts regarding such issues.

How to Choose the best Electric Fence Wire?

Though do-it-yourself packs contain the thinnest 20-gauge wire, it is not enough or reliable for longer use in keeping the pets secure. If you are looking for quality products, professional manufacturers are the best solution. They provide 14- or 16-gauge wires that are quite hardy and durable and much of use in the electric fence system underground and above-ground.

You need to learn the basics about the electric dog fence wire to choose the best quality wire for the fencing you plan to get for your pet’s safety. You cannot take the risk and so trusting your judgment is the best option you have. You must take care of the following important factors in a wire used in the electrical invisible fence mechanism.

Signal Transmission

You should keep in mind that the thickness of the gauge you are using will have very little impact on the pets while transmitting the signal when it has the capacity of the same or more, but if not, it may create concern while sharing the electric tickle on your pet. A thicker wire will work more usefully for the system you are trying to achieve in this respect.

If you are replacing some of the wire in your longer boundary fence, you must use the same gauge to keep the system intact and help the correctness normally transmit without any hindrance and also ensure your pet is safe both ways.


Both experts and experienced users suggest that the thicker gauge are more preferable to electric dog fence wire for their strong durability and the record of less wire breakage. If you judge the difference in durability between a 20-gauge and a 14-gauge, the outcome is significant. The manufacturers of electric dog fences use the thinnest gauge to make the products cost-effective and keep their profit margin by adjusting the shipping charges.

You may find the product at a lower rate, but the durability may cost you more. So, experienced pet lovers try to invest in quality products, and they ensure that the wire is thicker and can control the power without getting harmed.


But you have to consider the advantage of the thinner wires too in the system of electric fencing. Most electric fence manufacturers prefer the system with thinner wires because they are more flexible to work with, and you can handle them seamlessly. The experts use the wire fence in their terms and conditions to make the system flexible and feasible for them.

For twisting and twirling the wire for such usefulness and keeping the specific side open of the invisible fence to let the dogs enter the garden area or yard, thinner gauge wires are preferable. You have to think deeply before finalizing the nature of the electric dog fence wire you want to use.

You can get the custom-designed wire to use in your electric dog fencing system, whether underground or aboveground, as per your requirement and wish. You just have to mention the requirement. The manufacturing units will provide you weather-resistant quality wires that too in a definite measurement that your yard requires to make the complete area safe for the pets from every kind of outside threats.

Keeping a pet is not enough responsibility as you need to worry for its safety, exactly like your other family members. Besides providing them food and other amenities, you also need to take care of them and ensure that they are not outside the security regime and they are not getting a chance to escape to the main roads. The electric dog fence is the best solution if you can choose the right elements for the system.