How to find a Job you Love? – Job Search Tips for Fresher’s

How to find a Job you Love? - Job Search Tips for Fresher's

Are you looking for the right job that matches your skill and qualification? Getting a job has become very competitive in this present world where the ratio of a job vacancy and applying candidate is 1:10. You need to be prepared with proper homework and should have an edge over everything. Once you completed your education, your job hunt begins. However, while searching your dream career path, you often have noticed that despite appearing the interview with full confidence, you come out with negative results. Have you ever thought of the reason behind this? What exactly was wrong? If you are wondering with such questions then read this article. The handy tips mentioned below are apt enough to help you for “How to find a Job you Love?”.

Upgrade Your Skills

If you are out of employment then make use of the time in acquiring some skills, which you consider to be added advantage for you to acquire the job. Look for the skills that are in demand or most of the companies look for. Learn those skills to higher your chance of getting hired. Technology is changing every now and then. To keep pace with this rapid growth of technology it is best to pick up some extra expertise.

Prepare Your Resume Well

Your resume is the first thing that reflects your personality and talent to the recruiter much before your confrontation with the human resource personnel. Therefore, be as much specific and professional as you can. State the objectives clearly at the beginning and mention your address at the top left of the resume. There are many professional resume writing services that can help you come up with a catchy and unique style to highlight your personal and professional credentials. Mention all your certifications and awards to increase your employability. Before sending the resume, do not forget to check for any existing grammatical, spelling, or syntactical error and typos. You can upload your resume on the varied hiring platform like Naukri, TimesJob, Monster etc.

Research on the Net

Present era is dominated by the internet. To be informed with the recent and ongoing job opening in your area research well on Google. If you come across any opening that matches your skills and educational qualifications then look for the company profile. What are the services offered by and the nature of the business, whether it is a buddying company or a private limited one? Consider the clientele of the company well to measure the future growth.

Connect with Social Media

It is a good idea to be connected with your friends and acquaintances through social media websites like Facebook and LinkedIn. Through Facebook you can ask your friends for any suitable opening they are aware of. LinkedIn contains the professional network of employer. So, creating a profile in LinkedIn you can keep in touch with frontier employers. Thus, through social media you can make your job search an easy affair.

Make a Portfolio

A portfolio containing your earlier work assignment is really helpful that augments your chance to be hired. If you are looking for the creative job like writers, or editors, you should have a portfolio with a list of varied articles to prove your ability. Likewise, in case you have come from a science or engineering background, then also you can make a folder including assignments and projects done in the last semester. This will help the recruiter or the employer to understand and recognize your actual potentiality.

Be Diplomatic While Answering

Interviewers often ask tricky questions to test your intelligence and patience. Asking about your strong and weak point is quite common during this phase. Though it is delightful to answer the strong point, stating the weak point needs certain wit. Assert your weak point in a positive way. Some traits like being inquisitiveness or strict of deadlines are apt points to present as weak points.

Be Open

All skills and degrees also cannot help you get the sought after job if you keep yourself limited with certain location or position. Amidst this cut-throat competition, to survive you should be open minded to go an extra mile from your stay. So, open your mind and broaden your scope of getting recruited as soon as possible.
Positive mindset is the mandatory thing that takes you attain your goal easily. You should not lose hope or leave trying. Try to see the silver lining amidst the dark cloud. With a positive and confident mindset face the interview and taste the joy of success. So, with all these tips and tricks go forward and get hired at the earliest.

All the best!

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