What you Should know about Blockchain Ecosystem?

Blockchain technology is taking over fully the digital world and disrupt all the industries. Of course, blockchain is complicated technology and there are a lot of things to be explained.

To have better understanding of what is blockchain technology we sure emntion firstly its definition. So, blockchain technology is a distributed, ledger system that promotes decentralization, transparency, and data integrity.

No blockchain is merely a single entity. The physical ecosystem itself consists of a network of a large number of interconnected nodes or devices (computers, servers, smartphones, etc.), sometimes numbering in the thousands, tied together through the Internet, and powered by electricity generated from external sources. From the human perspective, the blockchain can be seen as a collaborative ecosystem involving users, investors, miners/forgers, and developers.

I read about this new concept called the Blockchain Ecosystem. What caught my eye is that it seems to be the the foundation of a sharing economy that is not controlled or overseen by any country or government.

I like that. There is a great new digital marketplace called Advanced Medicine Exchange. I see that Dr. Rashid Buttar is selling products on this site. WOW – as soon as you google him a page from Wikipedia says that he is a conspiracy theorist.

Despite what the hidden critics say hiding in Wikipedia – the article I read on Dr. Buttar’s page on the Advanced Medicine Exchange is helped me understand the new and emerging sharing economy. He is using new technologies in Medicine to facilitate helping people.

You can read on the site that they have an ecosystem that is designed so that all can share value from an under-utilized skill or asset. I love the fact that it is designed to share real health concepts that are suppressed by Big Tech and Big Pharma!

The information on the website states that this new Blockchain Ecosystem requires participants to think about business challenges in a new way. What I really liked is that is said those Big “WOKE” organizations that re bringing a traditional focus on maximizing profits within the company’s boundaries may be the very thing that keeps these giants from engaging and succeeding with participation in an ecosystem.