Things to Remember before Getting Online Academic Help

Writing assignments is one of the main causes of stress among students from various educational levels. Some of you may feel that it takes too long. Others may struggle to pull all the sub-components of writing together within a limited time frame. In fact, nearly 50% of PhD students in Canada and the US drop out during the dissertation or research paper writing phases even before finishing their programs. It is normal for most students to dislike writing since it IS a laborious task. But you cannot avoid the tasks since it is a crucial part of your academic curriculums. This is where the role of online academic help providers comes into play. These companies house some of the best academic writers who help students submit their assignments within the due date easily.

So, here are four things to remember before you get online assignment help. These tips will help you stay away from scams and frauds.

1. The writers qualifications and experience matters

The online writers are the ones who directly work on your academic papers. That means, if you get an A in your assignment after getting help, it is because the writers did a great job. The sad news is there are fake companies who outsource your work to inexperienced or unqualified writers. Would you like to invest money in something that doesn’t involve qualified professionals? Thus, check the writers’ qualifications and experience before you trust them with your assignments.

Ask the writers the following questions before hiring them:

1. What is your academic qualification? (The subject matter experts are supposed to at least have a Master’s in respective disciplines. Top-rated companies usually hire only PhD qualified academicians.)

2. Which university have you passed out from? (Reliable writers have proof to show if they are genuine pass-outs from reputed universities or not.)

3. Are you experienced enough to work on complex topics? (You may get a wide variety of topics to work on. Make sure your writer has the ability to work on all of them.)

4. How long have they been working with the current company? (It can be a cue to look for other writers if your writer has changed multiple companies within a short time span.)

5. What is your total experience in this industry? (Genuine subject matter experts have at least three years of experience in this field).

Reliable writers are not only qualified but also experienced enough to take care of your assignments with direct precision. They should be able to follow your instructions strictly and maintain the university guidelines as well. Ask the questions mentioned above and trust the writer only if you are satisfied with the answers.

2. The reviews tell you the truth

Let’s say you want to get online academic help from a company named ‘A’. You find quite a few positive reviews on A’s website. Do not rely only on the testimonials you find on the company’s website. There are several third-party review sites that consist of genuine and real feedback from students all over the world. Read those reviews to determine if the company truly deserves your time, attention and money or not.

Here’s what you get to understand from the reviews:

1. The best thing about these reviews is that you can determine if the company is fake or genuine. Fake companies have a maximum of negative reviews. Also, the positive reviews seem like those have been written by an online reputation manager. You can clearly see the difference in the sentence structure between the positive and negative reviews.

2. Students share their experiences with online academic help providers, thereby letting others make a wise decisions. See if the students have complained about high prices charged by the company. You can even compare the prices of different companies to choose the one that suits your budget the most.

3. There are certain factors that govern the credibility of an academic company. Some of them are delivery timings, prices and quality of work. The reviews provide you with a brief overview of all these aspects.

Okay, now you cannot expect any company to have 100% positive reviews. There will always be a mixture of positive and negative reviews about the companies. All you have to do is get hold of the ones that have a maximum of positive reviews. Go through two to three reviewing sites before coming to a conclusion.

3. The company should provide a quick turnaround

About 76% of students get online academic help like paper writing service because they find it hard to meet their urgent deadlines. What’s the point if the writers you trust end up delivering your paper after the due date for submission? Thus, talk to the support team or the writers directly to check how their delivery timings are. The reviews will help you get an idea, but you must talk to the writers for assurance.

All companies claim to deliver work on time. Sadly, only a few meet your expectations. So check if the company you want to get help from has a past record of delivering completed papers on time or not. You can also ask the customer support team how the writers work to complete the task, especially in case of meeting urgent deadlines.

Genuine companies maintain transparency throughout. If they do not have any available writers, they let you know the moment you seek help. They even send you progress reports to show how far their writers have worked on your assignment. Scams, however, provide no such thing and hence is easy to distinguish.

4. Budget-friendly option exists

The budget is often one of the major concerns for students looking forward to getting online academic help. Reliable companies out there want to help students. But they also need to retain their qualified writers, and hence they usually charge reasonable prices. The reliable academic help providers want students to afford their services. The scams, on the other hand, charge exorbitant rates for the same services.

Besides a reasonable charge, reliable firms provide you with the following:

1. Discounts

2. Referral rewards

3. Loyalty points

4. Sign-up bonuses

See, the companies on the web are out there to make some money. So, you shouldn’t believe those who say that they provide free assignment writing services. It is probably a trap to launder your money or send you plagiarized papers. You need to short-list some of the best companies and compare their service charges along with other offers. Finally, choose the one that fits your budget.

Wrapping Up

Accept it or not, but the academic phase is the most important part of your life. You not only develop your personality during this phase but also prepare to thrive in the highly competitive world out there. There are obstacles throughout the phase that you need to overcome to achieve academic success. And this is where academic help providers come into play. You can choose a reliable company and seek assistance from the writers to beat all odds. Good Luck.

Author’s BioDwayne Santer is an assistant professor at a reputed university in the Australia. He also provides assignment help at Dwayne loves to spend time with his doting daughters.