Eligibility for FSSAI License (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India)

In Today’s Article Eligibility for FSSAI License, We will tell you about what is the eligibility criteria for FSSAI License. That will enable you to judge properly if you require to get a FSSAI license or not. As you know whenever anybody wishes to open a restaurant of any other business that is Focusing on Food Industry In India, They are always prompted to get a FSSAI License In India.

And Also you should note that FSSAI License is Necessary and mandatory to be acquired before commencing any Food Business In India. Just for a recap I would like to tell you that a FSSAI License Is 14 Digit License Number That is Issued by Food Safety and Standard Authority of India and is to be displayed On the Food Labels and at Food facility where any Manufacturing, importing, exporting and Processing etc of food related products and services takes place.

Below I am providing You Eligibility for State and Central FSSAI license In India basis of which you can Judge whether you require FSSAI License In India or not.

Eligibility for State FSSAI License

  • The Dairy units That Has Capability of Handling 501 to 50,000 LPD of milk/more than 2.5 MT to 2500 MT of milk solids per annum.
  • Oil Processing Units where Oil Production whose oil processing and production is upto 2 MT/day and whose turnover above 12 Lakh.
  • Slaughtering and meat Processing units whose production of meat and other meat related products is Up to 500 kg meat per day or 150 MT per annum.
  • All grains, cereals, pulse milling units, Wholesaler, retailers, Caterers, Dhaba, Boarding Houses serving food, Banquet halls with food catering arrangements, Home based Canteens/Dabba Wallas, Permanent/Temporary Stallholders, Food stalls/Arrangements in religious gatherings/fairs etc., Fish/Meat/Poultry Shop/Seller of any other food vending establishment, Club/Canteen, Hotel and Restaurant etc. require State FSSAI License.

Eligibility for Central FSSAI License

  • Dairy units including milk chilling units prepared to deal with or process in excess of 50,000 liters of fluid drain every day or 2500 MT of drain strong per annum.
  • Vegetable oil preparing units and units creating vegetable oil by the procedure of dissolvable extraction and refineries including oil expeller unit handling in excess of 2 MT for every day.
  • Butchering units which handle in excess of 50 vast creatures or 150 little creatures or in excess of 1000 poultry winged animals for every day.
  • Meat preparing units handling in excess of 500 kg of meat for every day or 150 MT for each annum.
  • All Food handling units including relabellers and repackers preparing in excess of 2 MT for each day with the exception of grains, oats and heartbeats processing units.
  • All producers of Propitiatory Food Materials.
  • Each of the 100% Export Oriented Units.
  • All shippers bringing in Food things including sustenance fixings and added substances for business utilize.
  • Capacity units other than those having controlled air and cool condition having limit of in excess of 50,000 MT.
  • Refrigerated Storage having limit of in excess of 10,000 MT.
  • Cold Storage food Facilities having limit of in excess of 1,000 MT.
  • Wholesalers having turnover of more than Rs.30 crores per annum.
  • Retailers having turnover of more than Rs.20 crores per annum.
  • Merchants having turnover of more than Rs.20 crores per annum.
  • Providers having turnover of more than Rs.20 crores per annum.
  • Food providers having turnover of more than Rs.20 crores per annum.
  • Inns and Hotels – Five Star and Above.
  • Eateries and restaurant having turnover of more than Rs.20 crores per annum.
  • Transporters having in excess of 100 vehicles or turnover of more than Rs.30 crores per annum.
  • Advertisers having turnover of more than Rs.20 crores per annum.
  • Caterers providing food benefits in foundations and units under Central Government Agencies like Defense and so on.
  • Capacity or Wholesalers or Retailers or Distributors having premises in Central Government Agencies.

Eligibility Criteria For FSSAI Registration

  • Dairy Products units whose production capacity is Upto 500 Litres Per Day of milk or Upto 2.5 Metric Ton of milk solids per annum.
  • Vegetable oil processing units and units producing vegetable oil whose Production Capacity is Upto 100 Liter per day.
  • Slaughtering units and Meat processing units whose Production capacity is Upto 2 large Animals upto 10 Small Animals upto 50 Poultry birds per day and More than 100 kgs per day or 30 Metric Ton per day.
  • All other food processing, manufacturing, retailing, wholeselling, Importing and exporting units etc That Have Turnover of Upto 12 lacs/annum.


By Reading The above Article I hope You have Understood the Eligibility Criteria For The FSSAI License in India, If you are a Owner OF The restaurant business in India, Then You Should get FSSAI Registration and FSSAI License In India as soon as possible from Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, As Indian government Is Getting strict In terms of law and regulations regarding handling and proper Distribution of Food Products and Services.