Advanced Free JavaScript Chart and Graph Library

As we all know JavaScript improves the performance of a web application by reducing client server communication. What ever can possible to do at client end JavaScript is enough smart to take care of those tasks. Looking into this to present data visuals in our app we prefer to use client side chart & map libraries. There are many web development companies provides various JavaScript Chart and Graph Library. While choosing a chart library for your web products you have to ask few questions to you.

  • Is the component is programmer friendly?
  • Which kind of license the component is using?
  • Is this a free or paid library?
  • What is the feature of the component?

In this session let us share few of the top JavaScript Chart and Graph Library. Using these libraries you can create any kind of charts for your application.


Highcharts is a pure JavaScript chart library. Using an Ajax call you can fetch data from the server. By passing these data to specific methods of Highcharts you can make your data live. Highcharts is rich with interactive design. You can create real-time charts using Highcharts. Refer to many programmers view highcharts is easy to use & debug. It is free for non-commercial use. Highcharts supports all the modern browsers & devices. Using highcharts you can draw bar charts, pie charts, line charts & polar charts like many more. Including charts highcharts provides to more libraries Highstock & Highmaps. To know more about Highcharts visit them at


ChartJS is one more JavaScript library to design several charts in client end. You can download their chart.js file and using script tag you can embed this to your application. Compare to highcharts it is more light weight. Using ChartJS you can create Line charts, Bar charts, Radar charts, Polar area charts, Pie & Doughnut charts. It supports all latest browsers. You can found there help manual at To download Chart.js library file visit at


AmCharts is a high end JavaScript chart library. It supports any data to visual. AmCharts is very effective to use in touch screen & mobile devices. Using AmCharts you can create any kind of graphs. They have 2 more products in their showcase. JavaScript stock chart & interactive JavaScript maps. This component is free for commercial uses. With AmCharts you have facilities like super powerful serial charts, scrollable, zoom-able, Supports JSON objects, Availability of more themes, Word press plugin & Motion charts. To know more in details take a look at them


FusionCharts is a very light weight JavaScript chart library. Using FusionCharts you can create more then 90 types of charts & 900 maps. In this component you can get the facilities like Linked Charts for easy drill down, Exporting to PDF, Interactive zoom & Scrolling, Intelligent label management, Real-time chats & Gauges, Interactive legend for charts, Informative Tooltips, Formatted numbers, 3D effects on charts & client-side data update. This is an old company stated at January 2002. To know more about then & their products visit them at


ElyCharts is easy to use & you can customize this depending upon your requirements. They provides better graphic in the shape of professional look n feel. ElyCharts is under MIT license. You can use this library free with your commercial products. The features they provides are like animation, simple configuration settings, supports multiple chart types & comparability to all modern browsers. To use their chart component download the library file here