5 Easy Makeup Techniques that will Transform your Face

Makeup! The one single word that can transform anyone’s mood and look instantly. It doesn’t matter if you know makeup professionally or you’re just a beginner, if you know just a few magical tricks, you can totally ace your makeup game. It isn’t rocket science to nail the perfect makeup, all you need is the right guide for some sassy eye makeup techniques, the right makeup kit and makeup set to own and of course a few secrets for makeup for beginners.

Let’s get started, shall we?

How to Get a natural Facelift?

If you’re someone who has been gifted with a cute chubby face, then this trick is for you. All you need is your concealer, contour shade and your blush. Begin with setting your base right and take all the time you need to blend. A perfect base means a flawless makeup finish. This trick that we’re about to tell you, is just the perfect makeup for beginners. So, once your base is done, take your concealer and stroke it from below your eye brow till your temple. Next, take your contour shade and stroke it below your concealer, another stroke on your jawline and another stroke below your cheekbone. Now the last trick is, take your blush and stroke it on your cheek bone and stretch it till your temple. Now that you’re done, take a blending brush or a damp beauty blender and start blending in an upwards direction. Once you’re done blending, take your highlighter and apply it on your cheek bone in an upwards stroke direction. Voila. Your instant face lift is done.

Eye Makeup Transformation

Have you had one of those days when you missed wearing your kajal to work or college and all your friends asked you just one question throughout the day, “babe, are you sick?” This definitely happened to ‘yours truly’, because no matter how much we argue, eye makeup does manage to change the entire look of our face. Be it a little kajal or a little pop of color.

To make your eye makeup game a little easier, we have the perfect eye makeup set for you that will get you sorted for all your eye makeup looks. We are talking about the Iba Eye Makeup Gift Set, which includes everything that you’ll ever need to enhance your eye makeup game. It contains a very pretty eyeshadow palette with vibrant popping colors, a liquid eye liner, a kajal and a mascara. Sounds awesome right?

Let’s now nail an easy go-to look; take the eyeshadow palette and begin with the shade ‘Disco’ and apply it all over your lid for nice mild shimmery base. Blend it out well, now take the shade ‘Jazz’ and start by tapping it on the outer corner of your lids. Now, start blending it inwards direction on your crease line. Work up on the shade intensity as you desire but leave out the middle lower lid area. Once you’re done with the ‘Jazz’ shade, use your finger for the ‘Trance’ shade and apply it on the lower middle area of your lid. Take a fluffy eye makeup brush and blend only the crease area. This technique is super easy and this will give you an illusional cut crease look. Now, take your liner and go for wings if you’re planning for an Indian look or just go for a bold liner look otherwise. Pick your kajal for your lower and upper water line for a more dramatic look and finish off with your mascara. Easy, no? Nail this eye makeup look using different shades and flaunt it off.

Dark Circle Concealing

Are you using tons of concealer for your dark circles and somehow, they still look grey? Damn Girl! Just a concealer isn’t enough to hide away dark circles and pigmentation. You need to begin with color correction and then move on to your concealer and then continue with your base. If you’re a beginner then we have the best solution palette for you – the NykaaSKINgenius Conceal & Correct Palette – Correct & Contour. This palette has all the color correction shades, concealer and contour shades.

So, here’s what you need to do; begin with your moisturizer and then blend in your primer well. Now that your prep is done, pick the orange shade from the palette and apply it on your dark circles and dark pigmented areas. Take a damp beauty blender and blend out the color corrector well. It should look peachish after blending. Now, take the yellow shade and apply it a little lower than the orange that you just applied. Blend it out to get rid it sharp orange edges. Now, it is time for your foundation (you can also use your concealer in this step, but using your foundation first blends the colors well and you use lesser concealer later) apply it in dots all over your face and neck and blend it using a damp beauty blender. Once your foundation is set, take your concealer and apply it on the areas where you used your color corrector earlier and blend it out. Set it with your compact or loose powder and your dark circles and pigmentations are now well covered. This trick won’t make your makeup oxidize either.

Brow Filling Technique

Perfect eye makeup, perfect base, pretty lip color but oh no! scanty brows! Ouch! Meanwhile, in case you don’t know how to fill in your brows and you’re drawing them right from the inner tip to the tail then Oh Lord! That’s another funky disaster right there.

Be it any makeup technique, having the right products and the right brushes is always essential for a makeup beginner or a makeup professional. So, we’ll just begin with a few brow filler suggestions – Nykaa Take A Brow Eyebrow Filler PowderA ,NykaaBrowgirl Eyebrow Definer Pencil, Kay Beauty Eyebrow Enhancer Pencil, Sugar Arch Arrival Brow Definer, Swiss Beauty 2 in 1 Eyebrow & Gel Eyeliner…these are few fillers that would make you totally ace your brow game. And, the two tools that you would need are – a spoolie brush and an angled brow brush.

Let’s begin, start with using your spoolie brush and comb out your brow hair in an upward direction. Now take your brow pencil or brow filler on your angled brush and start stroking the lower line of your brow. Begin from the front and till the end. Make sure you’re doing this with minimum pressure and extremely light hands. Now take the same product and begin lining from the arch, do not begin from the front when you’re doing your upper brow line. Trust me, you don’t want to end up looking like you’re wearing stickers or worst, a plastic doll! Lol! Okay, so begin mid-way from your brow arch and work it out in an outward direction till the end. Use your spoolie brush to even out the product and make your brow look naturally bushy. Now, take your angled brush and with extremely light and minimal product, slightly stroke out on the front areas of your brow for a decent fuller yet natural look. Now, you’re all set.

Sorting Out your Makeup Box

Having the perfect vanity sorted is like you already have your makeup game sorted, because you have all the right products up your sleeve. Well, in case you still don’t have your vanity kit sorted, then what are we here for? Don’t worry guys! We’re going to suggest few of the best makeup kits and makeup sets for you, so that you’ll be sorted with all the products, which also means that there won’t be any room for mistakes and missing out on products.

The first one has to be the makeup set from Iba – the Iba Makeup Gift Set. This set is just perfect to nail your everyday no-makeup makeup look. This makeup set comes with a primer, a kajal, one matte and one moisture lipstick and a compact powder. Not to mention, it also comes in a super sassy gift box that can be later used to store your makeup or your favorite trinket collection.

The next makeup set is from The face shop – The Face Shop x Shreya Jain KeSaare Must Haves Ka Kit. The perfect limited edition makeup kit that has been specially curated with Shreya Jain’s favorite picks. This makeup kit comprises of a rice water foaming cleanser, a chia seed trio kit that comes in with a toner, lotion and cream, a water fit lip tint that can be used like a lip colour, a blush and also like and eye shadow tint. This makeup set also comes it with a mascara and a designing eyebrow pencil as well. In short, this makeup kit is all about cleansing, to prepping, to makeup and on to eye makeup.