150cc Bikes in India that you Can Rely Upon

150cc bikes were regarded as “THE” class for performance riders. A 150cc motorcycle delivers more power and maneuverability than those with lesser engine capacity. Typically, a 150cc bike is advised for folks who ride their bike for work every day and like weekend outings. 150cc bikes in India provide the necessary stability and power for long-distance riding. It is designed for keen riders who prefer to forgo the handling and maintenance of a 150cc bike yet still enjoy riding.

Therefore, with 150cc bikes in India motorcycle, you may anticipate considerably greater acceleration, good stability over longer distances, and the necessary power, especially if you’re carrying a pillion, passengers.

Additionally, the selection of 150cc motorcycles in India is broad. It means you will have many designs, colors, and accessory options. This variety makes you typically find quite attractive bicycles within this price range. We have conducted considerable research for you on the best 150cc bikes in India so you can decide easily. Read on to know more!

Pulsar NS160

Pulsar NS160 is powered by a revised version of the 149cc engine used in the previous Pulsar AS150. The 160.3cc, single-cylinder, triple-ignition engine now generates 15.7bhp at 8500 rpm and 14.6Nm at 6500 rpm. A five-speed transmission transfers power to the rear wheels.

The Pulsar NS160 performs admirably for a motorbike with a displacement of 160cc. The engine is refined, the vibrations are well-controlled, and the acceleration is swift. The fact that the motorbike has lost a few kilograms is readily apparent, as it is now more agile through turns and capable of making abrupt direction changes without losing control.

The Pulsar 160NS is the first motorcycle in its class to incorporate an oil-cooling technology that can keep the engine cool regardless of riding conditions. The motorbike can go from 0 to 100 km/h in around 15 seconds and should reach the advertised peak speed of 120 km/h. The digital-analogue instrument cluster carried over from the 200NS is the best-looking and most functional in this market. Even the metal license plate and indicator mount appear to be of superior quality for this class.

Pulsar P150

With the Bajaj Pulsar P150, the new 150cc bikes in India range returns to fundamentals. The Pulsar P150 is a no-frills motorbike with enough performance and acceptable fuel economy, which should appeal to riders seeking their first taste of additional power.

The Bajaj Pulsar P150 is driven by a brand-new 149.6cc single-cylinder engine that generates 14.3bhp at 8,000rpm and 14.65Nm of maximum torque at 6,750rpm. The new engine is coupled to a 5-speed transmission. When the new engine is paired with the new underbelly exhaust system, the sound is agreeable to the ears.

The front telescopic fork and rear monoshock of the Pulsar P150 have been fine-tuned to enhance comfort, especially on long trips. Single- and dual-disc variants of the Pulsar P150 are available, both of which are supported by single-channel ABS.

Pulsar P150 has a fuel economy of 49 km/l. Due to its 14-litre fuel tank, the new Pulsar P150 can go up to 686 kilometers. The Pulsar P150 has Bajaj’s innovative Infinity display console, which gives the rider a combination of digital and analogue readouts. In addition, there is a USB port for charging your smartphone.

Pulsar 150

The Bajaj Pulsar 150 is a motorbike revolutionizing India’s entry-level performance motorcycle market, making it to the list of best 150cc bikes in India. The motorbike is styled aggressively with its trademark wolf-eyed headlight and influential fuel tank with shrouds. The 3D Pulsar emblem on the fuel tank adds a quality touch to the motorbike.

The tail portion of the Pulsar 150 is angular and aggressive, and the twin LED strip tail light gives the motorbike a distinctive appearance. Exciting body artwork, a blacked-out engine, and chrome-covered exhaust add to the attraction of the Pulsar 150.

It is powered by a 149cc air-cooled, single-cylinder, dual spark engine that produces a maximum of 14 horsepower at 8,000rpm and a max of 13.4 Newton-meters at 6,000rpm. The engine is coupled to a 5-speed transmission. The engine has Bajaj’s DTS-i technology, which enhances performance. The acceleration is linear and rapid. The motorbike can go from 0 to 60 km/h in 5.6 seconds and has a maximum speed of 111 km/h. The handling around curves is good and encourages confidence for enthusiastic driving.

The 149cc DTS-i engine is optimized for performance and fuel economy. The two sparks promote complete combustion, hence enhancing fuel economy. The Pulsar 150 achieves an outstanding average fuel economy of 65kpl.

Final Words

Regardless of whatever 150cc bikes in India you choose to purchase, please ensure that you thoroughly understand its characteristics. Occasionally, something other than a beautiful bicycle may be suitable for your intended purpose. Therefore, choosing how you will utilize your 150cc motorcycle is crucial. Those who want a 150cc motorcycle from Bajaj for daily commuting and transportation should choose the one with the highest mpg. Those who want to take frequent weekend trips must have a bike with sufficient power and stability.