Top 10 Tips for Safe Online Shopping Experience in Pakistan

Online shopping is all about convenience and time-saving. In Pakistan, 83% of Pakistani consumers made online purchases. Same-day deliveries, grocery shopping on tips, everything has become so much easier. In comparison to traditional marketing, online shopping has a lot of benefits. It is quite a profitable market for a lot of businesses in Pakistan. People are now investing in the online market as well, and they are adapting accordingly. Online shopping allows you to compare the prices, read reviews, and door-step delivery to smooth the shopping experience. But, with the increase in scams and rip-offs, a lot of people hesitate while buying a product online. However, despite the scams, online shopping is picking up Pakistan’s speed; we have covered tested tips and tricks to make your shopping experience safe and secure.

Delivery Charges

Delivery charges are the main concern for a lot of consumers. Different online stores have different policies. While ordering, make sure that you turn on to the shipping policy page. The majority of the local brands are very straight-forward about their delivery charges, and they have no hidden charges. Some brands provide free-delivery over some amount of order placed.

However, the case is different with the international brands. There are shipping charges, hidden charges, taxes, etc. The hidden charges are usually shown once the order is being placed. Hence, it is suggested to get a clear picture of the shipping charges.

Compare The Prices

When you go for traditional shopping, you compare prices of products and brands. Please do the same when it comes to online shopping experience. There are tons of websites, social-media buying and selling pages, groups, the marketplace, etc. make sure that you compare the prices before making a decision.

You might be purchasing a product on a higher rate from a specific seller. There are a lot of sellers, and you must just compare the prices accordingly. However, there is a concern about quality differences as well.

Secure Connection

When it comes to buying online, especially from a website, it is important to check the authenticity. Always lookout for a broken key or a padlock in the link of the website. If there is no icon, there is something fishy.

Moreover, never compromise on your financial details. It is not recommended to enter the card’s information without a secure connection. Do not make a transaction while sitting in a public place. Also, never share your personal information via email. Even if you are getting an email from a brand, to send the details through email—block the website.

Credible Source

Value for money? You need to check whether the particular online store can deliver the right products. Always place your order from a trusted name. Online shopping is convenient and comes with several benefits. Check the reviews of a specific website or page and then place the order—better safe than sorry.

You cannot just order from an XYZ page or website. Besides, the majority of the people order from a page based on the number of likes. The likes can be bogus, always check the reviews section and keep an eye on the authentic feedback.


If you are not an impulsive buyer, then you must look out for the coupons and discounts. Online shopping in Pakistan at is all about exploring stuff. Keep on looking for deals, discounts, coupons, subscriptions, etc. Avail the best deal by using promo codes and vouchers.

Who does not love vouchers? By spending less money, you can get good products. All you need to do is just keep your eyes open and look for opportunities.

Market-Place of Social Media

Social media holds an important place when it comes to buying and selling. Every brand has a social media page where they showcase their special deals and discounts. Moreover, there are different groups on Facebook related to buying and selling. The sellers often offer special deals and discounts for the group members. Also, they share promo codes, which can be used directly on their website.

Also, a lot of online stores offer exclusive coupons and vouchers on their social media pages. Like your favorite brand’s social media page and avail the special offer.

Privacy Policy

Privacy-policy, shipping charges, terms and conditions are often taken lightly by the consumers. However, with the increase in scams, it is better to give importance to every step. Read the privacy policy of a brand before ordering.

Online buying requires you to provide personal and financial information. Read the privacy policy to ensure that there are no red-flags

Also, if you do not want your data to be stored in the form of cookies—use the private web browser or incognito mode. Moreover, you can also use the private web browser from your mobile.

Checking The Products

Once you get your hands on the product, make sure you thoroughly check it without delaying it. Different brands have different refund and return policies. To avail the return or refund, there is a specific period. Hence, check the product on delivery to avoid any dispute.

Moreover, it is better to send the product to return the same day if there is any problem. Also, be in the loop and check the complaint status.

Delivery Policy

With the boom in online shopping, there is a rise in courier services as well. Before placing an order, make sure that you read the delivery policy. If you think that you had a bad experience with a particular courier service and are no longer comfortable having that courier service as a third-party, do not order. Also, to avoid the expected delay—track your order.

Refund Policy

Never be too excited while placing an order. There is always a possibility of disappointments in online shopping. Sometimes the quality is not up to the mark; in some cases, the quantity is not according to the expectations. Make sure that you are well-aware of the refund and return policies.

By taking care of the little tips and tricks, you can indeed have a great online shopping experience. Just like the way you do in traditional shopping—buy everything wisely in online shopping as well. Follow the above tips and tricks for a more pleasurable experience.