Useful Tips to improve eyesight after age of 40 plus

Useful Tips to improve eyesight after age of 40 plus

It’s very true our eyes are costly then gold. From the childhood to the age near 40 eyes are pro-active. By nature later after 40 our eyes partially losses their focus. For all those senior citizens let us share some eye care tips to maintain good eyesight after the age of 40.

Tips to improve Eyesight after 40

1. With your regular foods eat fruits & vegetables. Vitamin A helps the retina & other parts of eyes to function smoothly. For better eyes development I can suggest foods like carrots, Leafy greens, Eggs, Citrus and berries, Almonds & Fatty fish.

2. Do Regular checkups with your eyes consultant. Don’t use Contact lens more then 18 hours.

3. Quit smoking. Smoking increases the risk to damage your eyes cells & nerves. After near to 42 you can found the bad effects of Smoking over your eyes. So, if you are a smoker stop it now.

4. When you are outside from home protect your eyes from Ultra Violent Rays (UV rays). Now a day due to heavy pollution sun rays are also get polluted. Wear Quality Sun glasses under naked Sun rays. It helps to protect your eyes from Ultra Violent Rays. Don’t watch directly to the Sun in hot noon. It can damage your vision.

5. In every morning practice to watch Green leaves with open air. Do meditations for your eyes. Before into bed rotate your eyeballs 10 times. In normal stage use better eye drops once in a week.

6. In a day at-least 2 times wash your eyes in clean and fresh water. If accidentally any thing fall in your eyes take a bowl of clean water. Put your face in bowl & open your eyes. It will help you to clear your eyes from accidental damage.

7. Computer professional watching the digital display more then 10 to 12 hrs a day. I can suggest use Anti Clear Glass. Its better at night keep 2 pieces Cucumber (Cut it thin & circular) on over the closed eyes. It gives better relaxation. This practice also helps to stay healthy eyes.

8. Don’t look bright lights more then you eyes can capture. It can damage retina. Avoid to watch sparking.

9. Don’t read in partial dark.

10. In case any-thing fall into your eyes. First wash your eyes clearly in clean & fresh water. Then use some eye drops. Consult your eye specialist. In case of any risk, treat this immediately. Eyes are more costly then any thing. Don’t delay in the matter of eyes.

Herbal Remedies to improve Eyesight after 40

Normally after age of 40 partially we loss the power of eyes. Here Ashwagandha can bring back better eyesight. In daily basis intake Ashwagandha Powder with Buffalo Milk. This therapy not only help to develop eyesight after 40 but also helps to stay young and healthy.