SEO Tutorial for Beginners – What is On-page, Off-page SEO?

SEO Tutorial for Beginners - What is On-page, Off-page SEO?

In this fastest data media internet you will get many articles related to Search engine optimization (SEO). Few days back I released with my own content based site. To gain more visitors I did research with Search Engines & SEO techniques. My good luck I am able to hack the concept. In simple SEO is a technique using which we can present our resource to the top rank of search engines. Top rank means more visitors. Many factors comes to achieve top rank in the king search engine Google. SEO is divided into two types. On-page SEO & Off-page SEO. But before discuss more about SEO Tutorial let you know the base-line for SEO Success.

How to perform SEO operation?

Let’s take an example how to perform SEO operation from the beginning. Assume you planned to write an article related to blog commenting. Choose the correct keywords for your page title. For an example “Tips for Quality Blog Commenting”. Here first sign-out from Google & then search that particular string which you want to put as the title of your page. Choose your page title which is unique in Google to avoid more competitors. Now move to write the content. Keep in mind your page title is the keyword. According to this your content need to optimize. Don’t try to overload keyword density. Search engines are enough smart to track this. In your content for first 150 words try to add your page title in the shape of a valid statement. For a 750 to 850 words article try to divide the content in 4 to 5 paragraphs. Highlighted statements keep in bold. If required feel free to share third party links in your content. Maintain quality. Before publish your content check spelling & grammatical errors.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO is a technique to optimize the page in your server. It comes with meta-data information’s, keywords density, repetition of keywords, heading title, phase of analytic & comments block. For more information’s related On-page SEO Success you can refer to our publication “Tested On-page SEO Tips“.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is the way to spread your links more & more. I mean the availability in internet. Few chapters of Off-page SEO are Link building, blog commenting, social media marketing, email marketing, profile creation, forum posting etc. For more information’s related to Off-page SEO Success you can refer our publication “Off-page SEO Tips“.

Page-rank & Backlinks

In SEO page-rank & backlinks are two effective factors. Quality backlinks help to achieve High page-rank (PR). More page-rank means more organic search. As you know organic search provide lead in place of normal visitors. You can achieve high page rank using link sharing. When from others sites visitors will visit your link as a reference search engine will track this & will index in high priority. To achieve more backlinks I can suggest social media marketing, blog commenting, forum posting, directory submission & profile creation.

Applying the above SEO Tutorial I am able to index my unique contents in the top rank of Google. Wish you the best for your SEO Success. Hope this knowledge sharing session will helpful to you.