The Right THC Concentrate to Turn into e-juice with Terpenes

Turning THC concentrate into e-juice is not that difficult. Once you have the right concentrates in your hands, you can do so much and benefit from it in so many ways.

Nonetheless, finding the right THC concentrate is not that simple. You have to research and review many brands since you will discover many of them in the market. Many people get lost in this searching process.

What should you do in this case? Start by reading this detailed article. You will know the best solution to purchase and the best ways to get the best out of your THC solution.

Reasons you should get it right?

Other than being the talk of the town, THC concentrates carry so many benefits with it. Some of these benefits include:

  • Vaping is easy and safer than most consumption methods
  • It is easy to learn how to dose
  • Simple to individualize
  • The high effect is easy to achieve
  • Your vape pen could last longer

What to consider when buying a Concentrate?

Users have a problem solving all these because they cannot find the right brand to use. When you go to a dealer, things you can do to ensure that you go home with the best THC concentrate.

Ask as many questions as you can – Tell them what your desire is. Since you are buying a THC e Juice Concentrate; your number one purpose is to get high. Ask the retailer to explain each product to you.

Read the labels – Do not just rely on the advice given by the salesperson. Read the labels for yourself. It should have the right amount of THC to CBD ratio and its manufacturing and expiry date (consider this if you are buying for long-term use). You should also check its shelf life.

Sometimes, sellers could refer to THC concentrates as cannabis concentrates. However, they two types are different. A marijuana concentrate may not go through the complicated extraction that THC concentrates go through to achieve that high potency.

Price – The price of concentrates depends on a variety of factors. Laws within your area, quantity, and shipping costs are significant determinants of what price to expect.

Ensure that the retailer you choose is reliable and trustworthy. Review them as much as you can to prevent trouble.

Wax or Distillate

Concentrates can be either solidified or liquefied. Solidified are better known as wax, while the liquefied are distillates. When you have to choose between the two, you should know that none is superior to the other.

They are both raw THC concentrates and tasteless. You will have to prepare both forms before you fill it into your vape pen’s oil chamber.

Be sure to thin your wax appropriately. Your distillate should be thick enough as well. If not, then using terpene thickener could be the best solution in both cases. Terpenes should also assist in improving taste and the quality of vape you inhale and exhale.

Storing the Concentrate

By buying the right solution, you solve one part of the problem. It is fundamental. Once you have it in your hands, then you are close to getting the vape juice you require. Now, the other thing you have to do is store the concentrate right.

Things can get tricky at this level. A lousy storage location will destroy the THC potency. Get a proper hideout, away from light, oxygen, and moisture. The bottles should also prevent the above inhibitors from accessing the concentrate.

Most brands will cover their wax with a parchment paper. You will only open it if you wish to turn it into e-juice immediately.

Store the distillates in dark colored bottles made of silicone. Additionally, do not place the solutions near your windows.

The best time to prepare the Vape Juice

You can do so as long as you have all the ingredients at your disposal. Create enough time when making e-liquid solutions since you can destroy the e-juice if you do it hurriedly.

Additionally, avoid uncovering the shatter or distillate if you do not intend on using it immediately. Such habits could destroy your entire solution since air, and other external factors, could slip into it. Quality THC concentrate should last long if you practice proper storage habits.

Use your vape pen like a professional

After preparing the vape juice, which is a learning process, you should learn to fill your oil chamber with the right amounts of vape juice, adjusting the vape pen’s temperature appropriately, and charging it in the right way.

Note, putting wax in a vape pen is a good idea (is doable) since you will skip all the preparation process. On the other hand, the vape pen might use extra energy to liquefy and vaporize the wax in it. That is the reason experts recommend that you turn it into a vape juice first.


By reading this article, you already know that turning your THC concentrate into e-juice is not about skill alone.

You have to make the right decisions from the word go. Start by getting a trusted retailer who can deliver quality THC concentrates to you, store the marijuana well, learn how to prepare it like a professional, and understand the right techniques of using a vaporizer.

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