Luggage Carrier to Legal 5 ideas to packing for a College Semester at Sea

Semester at sea is an integrated multi-country program. It aims at promoting global comparative education. Learners get to study interdisciplinary coursework and acquire experience from the field to engage the global community. They get over 100-day trips on a shipboard campus with over 20 fields of study.

Packing for a semester at sea can be overwhelming. You might want to carry everything nice in your wardrobe and the right survival contents, but there are limitations. This article will provide a few tips that will make packing easy and less bulky for you:

1. Size and Quality of your Luggage

Finding the best luggage carrier brand quality is a priority for most people. Traveling involves immense movement. The last thing you need to stress about is the durability of the bag. Different brands are offering a range of designs. You not only need to consider the pricing but the quality and size of your luggage bag.

Keep in mind that you might want to carry souvenirs back home when selecting the size. Is it durable enough to accommodate what you intend to carry? Will the items fit in the bag? Compare the pricing between brands to get an average price in the market then proceed to select the best quality brand.

2. Cabin Storage Space

Keep in mind that most cabin storage spaces are small when buying a traveling bag. Settle for luggage that is easy to store and will not take up a lot of your storage space. For example, soft-shell storage duffle bags are considered easy to store. You can buy a few magnets to mount light possessions on the wall.

3. Weather Changes

The amount of time spent in either cold or warm climate areas will vary with the voyage. The time of the year will also influence climatic changes. It is important to consider weather fluctuations when you are packing wearables. Ensure that you have enough clothes for either warm or cold areas. You can carry one or two heavy clothing and a few pieces that you can layer up during cold.

4. Culture

Acknowledge that countries have different cultural beliefs and norms. These will influence your dressing code. Research about the cultural beliefs and norms of the countries you will be visiting to carry the right clothing. Fashion and lifestyle bloggers offer great insights into culture and dressing. Strike a balance while packing clothes by finding common cultural aspects about the countries you are visiting.

5. Legal Restrictions

It would be embarrassing if your trip gets interrupted by the shipping authorities because you carried some items on the restriction lists. We are often in a hurry while packing if we are working with limited time and might forget to pay attention to the legal restrictions. You can research online to know what is allowed and not within a shipping premise to avoid any inconveniences. Some of the restricted items include pocket knives, masking tapes, explosives, firearms or flammable substances.


These were some of the best tips you should follow to make the plan. Make sure you are checking all the stuff like legalities, weather, roads, facilities available in order to make a memorable journey. For all these you can take help of the technology like you can check the website, mobile apps of the related destination. You will be amazed to see how technology has helped tourism industry and making it more secure, exciting, and memorable.