Are you buying a new Car? – Car buying Guide

Are you buying a new Car - Car buying Guide

Purchasing a new Car brings unique happiness to you & your family. Car is like an assets which improves our personality, status & professionalism. Car is a royal property. It generates royal impressions. Before buying our first Car we need to aware of few things. From color selection to free accessories many factors comes while purchasing a Car. Brand name matters in Car selection. Depending upon your budget its wise to choose the correct brand. Like this here with I am sharing some of the valuable tips those you must need to know before buying your new Car.

There are many popular global brands like BMW, TOYOTA, HONDAI, NISSAN, FORD, LEXUS, CHEVROLET, BUICK, TATA, SKODA, MARUTI & AUDI. Collect more information’s about the brand you choose. Information’s are available in internet. Visit their websites to know more about their products. From color selection to 3D view explore deep in their product showcase. Once you completed your research take an appointment from the Sales manager. Visit them. On your first visit don’t purchase a Car. Take a test drive. Analyze the performance. Accept suggestion’s from an engineer about the engine of the Car you are going to purchase.

From the City you planned to purchase your new car take a list of the dealers. Get quotes from multiple dealers before you ever visit them in person. Discuss with them about the facilities, accessories & offers available. If you planned to purchase your new car with the help of a third-party loan discuss this clearly with the dealer. Take time to understood their rate of interest, documents they need to sanction the loan & the exact amount of your monthly EMI. Compare this with multiple brands & their various products. Dealers run on a month to month basis. In the cause at the end of month they lower their price to achieve targeted sales. Stay aware of this.

While planning final payment know the invoice price from buyer’s guide. The price manufacture provides to the dealer is called invoice price. Retail price is the sticker price, it comes with including the profit of local dealer. Do a little bargaining here. With your first visit to the showroom feel free to collect brochures, EMI details & Contact information’s. Know more about the availability of their service stations not only to your city but also to the near cities.

To maintain a 4 wheeler fuel is the primary expense. Decide well whether you need a petrol car or diesel car. In this matter prefer to discuss with friends & colleagues. Let you know the advantages & disadvantages using petrol & diesel engines. Gas engine is an advanced technology to save fuel. Many dealer provides the facility to convert your car engine for dual types of fuels. Ask them about this before going to purchase a car from them. Color matters in fantasy. Before buying a car prefer to take your family members to choose a suitable color. Compare to normal color metallic color is more demanded. In the other hand in case of metallic color maintainace of costly. In our car we all love to hear musics. Personally I can suggest you while purchasing a car verify the quality of audio system they provides.

Purchasing a new car come with royal living. Before bring your new car to your garage I am sure the above useful tips will help you. Be royal think royal.

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