Frequently asked Common HTML5 Interview Questions

Frequently asked Common HTML5 Interview Questions

If you are a UI professional in web, it means you must worked with HTML5. HTML5 is the higher version of HTML4. If you are seeking for a job in UI Development than you must have to prepare HTML5 Interview Questions as the first Priority. In below I am sharing some of the most asked HTML5 Interview Questions. Hope it will help you for you better Career goal.

HTML5 Interview Questions

1. What are the new features in HTML5 compare to HTML4?

2. In HTML5 why we don’t need DTD?

3. Which browsers support HTML5?

4. What are the new elements introduced in HTML5?

5. Is in HTML5 anything special to Audio & Video?

6. What is datalist in HTML5?

7. What is Canvas in HTML5 & how Canvas is different from Div?

8. What is SVG?

9. What is local storage in HTML 5?

10. Tell me some Advantages of using HTML5.

11. What are the New Media Elements in HTML5?

12. What is the sessionStorage Object in html5 ?

13. What are three ways to reduce page load time?

14. What is “Semantic HTML”?

15. What is the difference between SVG and Canvas?

16. Describe the difference between cookies, sessionStorage, and localStorage.

17. How caching works in HTML5.

18. How can we embed video in HTML5?

19. How do you play a audio using HTML5?

20. What are the different types of storage in HTML 5?