The Legality of CBD Oil for use of both Online and in Person

CBD oil has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. It is now being used by many different medical patients and even athletes. Its uses vary but can include relaxing the muscles, reducing anxiety, improving overall body function and reducing symptoms associated with a number of conditions. There are a number of different nutritional supplement stores that are selling CBD oil both online and in person. However, not many people understand the legality of CBD oil. Depending on where you are located and who you are asking, the rules may differ. In fact, CBD oil illegal is only this way in six different states. The other 44 have made the possession and usage of CBD oil legal. Even for the legal states, the rules can be quite confusing.


Recently, the DEA has reiterated one of its rules that talks about cbd oil illegal. Currently, all cannabis extracts are considered to be Schedule I substances. This means that according to the DEA, CBD oil is illegal even if you can find it in stores and online. You are probably left feeling more confused than you were before. You aren’t alone. CBD oil contains cannabinoids, which are components of cannabis. While you don’t get the feeling of being ‘high’ like you do with marijuana, it is still cannabis-derived. With laws being different in every state in the country, the DEA is continuing to label CBD as illegal as part of federal law.

What about the Legal 44?

There are about one hundred different cannabinoid compounds that come from the cannabis plant. People that are looking for a feeling of being high typically use THC. THC is considered a cannabinoid as well. What people are trying to educate the DEA and other government officials on is the fact that CBD doesn’t have these effects. There are currently 28 states where marijuana is legal. These states are much more easy going with CBD oil. They protect the purchase and use of CBD oil by utilizing medical marijuana laws.

The Other Six

There are six remaining states that have completely outlawed CBD oil. This includes: Idaho, Nebraska, South Dakota, Indiana, West Virginia and Kansas. In addition to outlawing CBD oil, every other part of the marijuana plant is illegal as well. Of the legal 44, there are laws pertaining to how many ounces of CBD oil can be in possession at any given time. For people utilizing CBD for things like seizures and multiple sclerosis, documentation must be provided to back the use of the product they have on hand.

Moving forward

There is a lot of work being done to try and legalize marijuana and all of its components moving forward. While drugs don’t belong in our hands for a social high, there are medical necessities for marijuana and CBD oil. It is likely that there will be more changes in the future when it comes to laws regarding CBD. The wording will need to be clarified on behalf of the DEA. Even people who are currently using CBD oil don’t understand whether they possess something illegally or legally.

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