Which Countries have Legalized Medical Cannabis around the World?

Cannabidiol also is known as CBD and is a natural remedy that is rapidly gaining popularity but is it legal? CBD oil is one of the numerous cannabinoids that are found in the marijuana plant. Unlike another cannabinoid known as THC or tetrahydrocannabinol that is in cannabis, CBD oil does not give a feeling of euphoria or “high”.

It does not contain any psychoactive element and it does not cause any addiction in the user. CBD is usually preferred by people as it relieves pain symptoms and doesn’t give any of the mind-altering effects of marijuana.

The sudden rise in CBD’s popularity can be attributed to millennial culture, social media, and relentless publicity from numerous public figures. In the past, celebrities such as Seth Rogen, Mike Tyson and Mandy Moore have all praised CBD and its numerous effects.

The use of CBD Oil for Medicinal Purposes

On 1st November 2018, the law regarding CBD Oil was changed. The Government acted upon the recommendations of the Chief Medical Officer and Advisor for England, that the class of cannabis-based products used for medicinal purposes should be moved out of the Schedule 1 of the Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001.

This meant all cannabis-based products for medicinal purposes in humans were relocated to Schedule 2. The only exceptions were synthetic cannabinoids.

Cannabis-based product used for medicinal purposes is:

“A preparation or other product, other than one to which paragraph 5 of part 1 of Schedule 4 applies, which – Is or contains cannabis resin, a cannabinol derivative (except dronabinol or its stereoisomers), or a cannabinol; is produced for medicinal uses in humans.

Is a medicinal product or a substance or preparation for the use as an ingredient of, or in the production of an ingredient of a medicinal product;”

What Countries Have Legalized Medical Cannabis?

Canada, Germany, Australia, The United Kingdom, Italy, Colombia, Chile, Israel, The Netherlands, Peru and Poland.

This list is not complete as most countries have restrictive laws that prohibit the use of certain cannabinoids. In the United States of America, 31 out of 50 states have legalized the use of medicinal marijuana. However, CBD oil derived from hemp is legal in all 50 states. Most European Union (EU) countries have legalized medicinal marijuana. However, EU law states that all CBD products must not contain more than 0.2% THC.


Based on numerous unpaid endorsements from celebrities, it is obvious that CBD oil has its numerous health benefits. What we should think of is, how much of these promotions are based on experience? Are celebrities just trying to jump on the new trend?

The CBD legal status can be confusing sometimes as the laws differ by country and the regulations differ between the oil’s potency and its origins.

For a substance with little to no side effects, and which is available through a doctor’s prescription, it could be the next thing used to ease symptoms. Due to this, the amount of pharmaceutical chemicals being consumed as well as addiction to the long-term use of these chemicals is being reduced.

CBD oil is more likely to take the medical world by storm.

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