2 Important Factors when buying CBD Products for Dogs

Pet products are few and far between, from what started as a sample piece a few decades ago has now taken over the market by storm. With every new and trending holistic ingredient that hits the retail shelves for people in all the countries every month, the same is reflected for pets in all countries too.

So, when we ask ourselves what is trending now in the holistic ingredient line and is also being used in our pet products, the answer would most probably be CBD and it’s by-products such as oil.

This is all well and good, but us humans are no strangers to the idea of quality products, and unfortunately amid all the flowers, rainbow, birds and bees, there are also some thorns that we need to keep an eye out for. By this we mean, amongst the pure and organic are impure and artificial.

This article will give you some important information on how to steer clear of those so-called ‘thorns’ in the production industry when it comes to buying the purest CBD Oil and organic products best suited for your pets needs to make sure you are getting bang for your buck and not investing in some scam or two-cent rip-off. Read about these two important factors below.

High-Quality CBD Oil

There are several factors to look for when searching for the purest CBD oil product to add to your pet’s life-style either to enhance it in general or due to more specific and serious issues such as lessening seizures or in relieving pain and inflammation from Osteoarthritis.
There are thousands of brands and different mixtures out there and it can sometimes get very overwhelming when all your looking for is something simple but also of high quality. Some brands are not trustworthy and in it just for the sales, while others are genuinely caring and considerate for both you and your pet.

These are the ones to look out for, as they will be well-established, reputable and have the best products on the market with the highest ratings from all its users, who will be pet owners and love heir canine companions enough to give them only the best that money can buy! Big names who are reputable often have an online store and distribution centre from which you can order a range of high-standard products such as organic CBD Oil, dog, cat and horse treats or even catnip spray made of pure oil, and you can view more Holistapet products online too.

Two Important factors to Look out for

1. Manufacturing and Production Process

This is a big one. How the product is made will tell a few things about how pure it is. The extraction method can vary from one producer to the next when it comes to getting all that oil out from the Hemp plant itself. Some companies, especially the ones that have the cheaper products, may use a cheaper means of extraction, meaning they will need to add some toxic solvents into the main component such as butane, hexane, propane and even hexane. There are other safer methods used as well, for further information about this check out this online source https://ministryofhemp.com/blog/cannabinoid-science/.

The decent higher-standard manufacturers will use pharmaceutical-grade ethanol to extract the CBD oil, which is a natural by-product of grains. This, in turn, removes any toxins from the hemp plant during the proper process of extraction. Resulting in a much more organic product with zero to none chances of toxins in it, fit for human and animal consumption.

2. What’s at The Source?

By this we mean, how rich is the soil, or what are the conditions of the soil that the Hemp is grown in? Just like the vegetables we buy at our local supermarket, if you grow anything in soil that is contaminated with toxins such as chemicals or pollutants like metal, there is a high possibility that these will seep into the plants themselves, thereby also being wither directly or indirectly included into the end-product that we buy off the shelves.

So it is really important to make sure you either read about it on the bottle or if it’s not there, take some time to check out the website or any other online source with this information on it, for the particular product you are keen on. The win-win scenario here is that you too can use the CBD oil for your ingestion, as a tincture or in your food, along with your pet. Both of you can reap benefits from it so your investment will be worth the while. You will be saving yourself and your pets life more than you know. You can read all about the benefits of it here.

Let’s face it – If we won’t put junk in our mouths, why should we put it in our pets mouth?

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