How to write a Resignation letter? – Resignation letter Sample

How to write a Resignation letter? - Resignation letter Sample

In Corporate world before leaving the job we need to put resignation. Generally in IT Companies we need to serve notice period & need to clear all formalities of release. Else it is a problem for our future Career Goal. Global companies are doing third party verification after you join the Company. If they found invalid submissions they can terminate your from Job. So its better to release from the Job with all required formalities. Got a new Job? Going send resignation to your current employer. Look at our How to write a Resignation letter tips or refer our Resignation letter Sample.

The time you are working with a Company you are dealing with some responsibilities. That’s why notice period. If you are offered from an another company let them know your notice period. If you think your notice period can negotiable then discuss this before you put resignation. Hand over all responsibilities you have. If you are using any company asset for project related stuffs then release these assets before resign.

How to write a Resignation letter?

To write a resignation letter first mention your details at the top of the page. Then add to whom you want to address this letter. In first paragraph simply mention you are planned to leave the job. In second paragraph mention your notice period & request your employer to release you from the assigned responsibilities. In the last paragraph just say thank you for the opportunity they provided you to work with them. At the end of your resignation letter add your name, contact details & date.

Resignation letter Sample

<Your Name Here>
<Your Designation & Corporate Address>

<Your Manager>
<Manger Designation & Corporate Address>

Dear <Managers Name>

I am writing this letter of resignation to formally notify you that I decided to leave my current job from <your designation> with <company name>. I have taken this decision after decided well.

Refer to our Corporate policy I would be required to serve a notice period of <duration of your company notice period> starting today <today’s date> and ending with my resignation coming into effect on <your last working day>. Kindly relieve me from my responsibilities as early as possible. In between if you required any thing about business needs please let me know.

I wish you and the company success at future endeavors.

Thanking You,

<Your Name>
<Postal Address>
<Mobile Number & Private Email ID>