A Guide to Reinventing your Commercial Landscaping to Draw more Attention

When you own and operate a commercial property, the landscape must be well maintained, impeccable and flawless. Though businesses tend to pay less attention to their building’s exteriors, the landscape can have a direct or hidden impact on the company’s reputation.

A well-maintained outdoor, lawn or garden gives the customers an inviting feel, which will provide them with a good feeling about your business. Therefore, If you are a business owner trying to draw more attention, it’s worth investing in commercial landscaping and enhancing the look of the building’s outdoor premises.

With the global landscaping field expected to grow strong by 2025, many local commercial landscaping contractors are now in the scene. Here is a guide you can use when you are about to reinvent your commercial landscape to get onlookers turning your way:

Spot the Prime Visual Spots

Instead of focusing the space as a whole or on spaces that people visit less, identify the highly visible areas. Those are the best places to start with as they can offer high visual impacts during the first look.

Start small. Visualizing and designing smaller areas one by one will help you manage the task better, instead of working on the whole campus at once.

Concentrate on Important Areas

Based on the type and nature of your business, different parts of the space will require priority. If it is a hotel, you can develop concepts to make the entrance alluring and inviting. For office spaces, you can line up flowers and planters in the walkway leading to the lobby.

The commercial landscaping design that you choose for any space should guide the people in the right direction they want to go. The design should also be innovative and inviting so that it will be a head-turner.

If you are unsure how to plan such a commercial space, there are many commercial landscaping service providers you can reach out to for help.

Get Rid of the Dead Landscape

When a landscaped area is not maintained correctly and unkempt, it can cause the death of plants. Even naturally, over a prolonged time, some plants will age and dry or die off. Examine the plant bed and take away plants that have withered off.

Once you get an idea of what you have to add to the landscape, you can either work repeatedly or reinvent the whole space.

Come Up with a Plan

Once you have finalized the space and removed the sparse landscape, it is time to develop a plan for commercial landscaping. You have to think about how to benefit from the project effectively and invest in a good plan.

The commercial landscape contractor you reach out to should be reliable and helpful. They should help you choose the right plants, give you ideas to use the existing architecture, and suggest sustainable landscaping options.

You have to make sure that the contractor that you are working with has your best interest in mind.

Choose the Right Plants

When it comes to commercial landscaping, the trees, flowers, vegetation, and the rest of the foliage decorations contribute much to the scenery. You can opt for seasonal and perennial plants for the entrance spaces and grounds.

Before you choose the plants, consult with the landscape contractor about which plants are the best for your region’s climate. You can add colors to the landscape, which will be eye-catching for the visitors.

Once the landscaping is complete, you have to come up with a regular schedule to maintain the plants, or the hard work you put in initially will go in vain.

The Plans you Make Should be Long-Term

Commercial landscaping is a long-term investment. So during the early stages, you must think about how it will mature over the years. If the project is planned poorly, you might face the need to redo the whole area soon.

If not done rightly, the plantings can overgrow and spill over the allotted spaces, cutting off the visibility to your commercial space. It can also be expensive to maintain certain plants once they grow for a few years.

So, develop the right plan with the commercial landscape contractor considering the future growth and longevity of the components.

Incorporate Innovative & New Landscaping Ideas

With so many innovations in the landscape architecture industry, you can veer off from the traditional concepts and think far. Gazebos, outdoor seating, outdoor rooms, and patios are some excellent outdoor spaces you can add, which will bring out more people and increase the footfall.

Such spaces are also useful during good weather. Depending on the type of commercial space, you can extend the activities to the landscaped area.

Besides these tips, if you still require support from professionals, you can approach any commercial landscaping contractors in your area. Don’t compromise easily, especially with landscaping in commercial zones.