Taking right Career Options after 12th Science in India

Taking right Career Options after 12th Science in India

Have you already accomplished your 12th science? Do you want to go on your study in the next levels? Most of students after 12th course are confused to determine and decide the right courses after 12th science. There are many programs which are offered for the science students. You can choose your preferred course which can make successful in career and your life. Which ones the best course for you? Here are several courses which can be chosen after your 12 levels.

Bachelor of Engineering (BE) or Bachelor of Technology (B Tech)

The first courses after 12th science which can be chosen while you want to study in India is B Tech or BE. As you know, Engineering is one of the fields which promise the best careers in around the world including in India. Even though you have the low scored while you taking those courses, the careers are still available and highly prospective. If you are interested to take the course, there are the basic requirements and they are Maths, Physics, and Chemistry in the previous level. However, the biology students can also take the programs.


The second courses after 12th science which can be chosen after you accomplished your 12th study is taking bachelor of Medicine or Bachelor of Surgery. These courses belong to best option for the Biology students who have already completed their 12 level. The course also belongs to a basic degree for those who want to take aspiring allophatic doctor. After you graduate from this course, do not worry, there are many stakeholders that are available to hire you. This course still has the highly prospective career around the world, especially in India. Taking special career is also possible after you accomplished this course, like: psychiatry, neurosurgery, and orthopedic. Besides that, as mentioned above, the industries are also waiting for the alumnus of MBBS, like working in the hospital or the private clinic.

When it comes to the eligibility of this courses after 12th science, life sciences especially Biology belongs to the core subjects. Biology will be used as a part of entrance exams for the programs of BDS and MBBS in most of medical schools in India.


Another courses after 12th science which can be taken after accomplishing your 12 level is Bachelor in Ayurdevic Medicine. Do you have an intention for taking this program after your 12th school of sciences? This course belongs to one of the prospective programs because Ayurdevic medicine belongs to one of the old medicines which are still used in India. This type of medicine is not only well-known in India but also around world.

Ayudervic course actually is similar to the other scientific field and of course, you will have a wide chance for achieving your professional career in the field of ayurdevic. One of department which can be applied after you complete your study is The Central Council foor Research in Ayurveda and Siddha (CCRAS). This department still needs the competent and professional staffs who graduate from Ayurdevic course. Besides that, there are also several ayurdevic hospitals medical centers and clinic which can be headed for your next career after the course. Taking this course after 12th science also allows you who want to be a teacher. Yeah, you can deliver and transfer your knowledge about the ayurveda toward the others.


Besides BAMS, another courses after 12th science which can be considered if you want to take a professional course is bachelor of pharmacy. This is known as the most prospective course which can bridge to pursue your best career as pharmacist. Have you known that pharmacist belong to one of the careers which have the great demand across the world including India. Nevertheless, taking bachelor of Pharma degree does not mean that you have to be a pharmacist. You also have the other professional chances after accomplishing your studies such as: drug therapist, drug inspector, drug technician or health inspectors.

B.Sc Nursing

If you are still worried about your course that you will take after completing your 12 levels, taking B.sc Nursing can be the great choice for your courses after 12th science. Moreover, if you are hard worker and having great patience toward the others, it will be plus points of you. Taking this course also needs students who are well-organized and multi-tasking. In this course programs, you will be trained practically and theoretically so that you own not only knowledge about caring your patients but also practical skill to hospitalize your patients. How about the careers after accomplishing this course? Oh, you have much chance for working in the nursery industries. You can work at the hospitals, medical centers, clinics and the others. Could you count the number of medical center around in India? Yes, there are a lot of hospitals and of course you will be able to be a part of those hospitals after you complete this course.

B.Sc (Hons)

Besides being a nurse as your career, you can also choose another career by taking B.sc (Hons) courses after 12th science. This course is good for those who are really interested in research and academics as their next career. However, if you want to take this course after your 12 levels, you need to concern about the subjects like: Botany, Zoology, Physics or Chemistry. If you are deeply interested in professional researchers, you can take the master degree and apply internship as the junior researcher in the reputable research department. After accomplishing your master degree, you can also transfer your knowledge in the universities as lecturers. Getting job in the chemical industries or pharmaceutical industry is also great for you.

B.Sc Physiotherapy

The last, but not least, courses after 12th science which can be taken after our 12 levels is Bachelor of Physiotherapy. This course is also high-demanded course. Why? Being A Physiotherapist have the wide chance for enhancing their careers. They can work in various medical field, such as in hospitals, clinics and the others. Besides that, they can also offer their private service by building the private physiotherapy.

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