Budget-Friendly Waterproof Devices you Can Buy this 2021

Waterproof devices are great investments because they can withstand serious dust, splashes, and even the occasional dip in the pool. While more and more tech devices are becoming waterproof nowadays, finding budget-friendly ones can be a daunting task. The rating that you want to have on these devices should be IP67-68, which are the highest ones any device can get from the certification.

So, are you looking for waterproof devices you can add to your summer adventures paraphernalia? Well, fret not because in this article we’ve rounded up some of the best devices you can buy. From smartphones to speakers down to sweat-proof wireless earphones you can use while jogging and wouldn’t mind a little rain, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best budget-friendly waterproof devices you can buy this 2021:

Smartphone – Motorola X4

Motorola may not have been a major player in the smartphone industry for quite some time now, but they’ve been consistently churning out not only reliable but also affordable waterproof phones since they’ve been picked up by Google. The X4 is no exception. It’s a mid-tier smartphone that has a flagship chipset and builds. If you are looking for an exceptional proxy smartphone, look no farther than this device.

The X4 comes in two colors with super glossy finishes – black and silver. Under the hood, you get a Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 processor, 3GB of RAM, and a starting 32GB of memory. It’s IP68 rated, which means it can withstand splash, dust, and water with no effort. Perfect for a day on the beach, or on a yacht, the Motorola X4 is sleek, fast, and a conversation starter. It starts at $300, but you can find deals for as low as $230.

Wireless Stereo Headphones – Sound Magic TWS50

The advances in true wireless listening have been nothing short of magical for the past five years or so. Today, consumers can get true wireless stereo headphones in as low as $50, with decent audio quality. But when you want a truly exceptional sound quality with an excellent listening experience, the Sound Magic TWS50 has got you covered. Trust us when we say that you can’t find any better deal than this.

Among the numerous wireless headphones out in the market today, Sound Magic’s first try with the TWS50 is a perfect way to transition from excellent wired sound quality to wireless ones. If you have been a fan of the E11 from the same company, you’ll fit in with the TWS50. These wireless buds are seriously stacked – they have better acoustics than both iterations of AirPods, IP67 rated, and they cost twice as less! The TWS50 starts at $60 in selected regions.

Speaker – Ultimate Ears Wonder Boom 2

Another waterproof device that is a necessity is a portable speaker. And in this category, there’s no better choice than the Ultimate Ears Wonder Boom 2. These speakers are a serious upgrade from the first iteration of the Wonder Boom, with better-sounding sound and extended battery life.

The best part about Wonder Boom 2 is that it can float in the water. So you can blare your favorite swimming tracks on it while you sunbathe in the middle of the pool. The device is IP68 rated, so that it can withstand a full submerge for 30 minutes. These are also portable – with a two-tone fabric mini sling, you can hang the speaker anywhere, so amplify your tunes. With 13 hours of playback, you can’t go wrong with these waterproof speakers. The Wonder Boom 2 is priced at $100.


The competition between technological devices is very cutthroat. As more and more manufacturers go into the tech goods business, consumers get the brunt of the benefits. Stiff competition means better devices with more competitive prices. It’s also healthier for the industry as a whole as well. So what are you waiting for? Get these devices today and see for yourself the wonder of having waterproof devices!