A2 Cow Ghee – Why Should you Eat it?

A2 cow milk is very nutritious for the human body, and the a2 cow ghee made from this milk is even healthier. You can make it in households by using traditional churning methods. This is the purest form of any clarified butter. This ghee provides infinite health benefits and even treats some chronic issues. It also has several other advantages and a few disadvantages.

Here, we are going to discuss its disadvantages and find out how it is beneficial:


This highly nutritious ghee is commonly known for its benefits but also has a few disadvantages. So, here we are going to find out these advantages:

A2 cow ghee is very expensive compared to other ghee and cooking oil. So, many middle-class and poor people cannot afford this ghee. This traditional ghee-making process is time-consuming and tiresome compared to quick and semi-automated factory-made processed ghee.

This ghee is not common in local urban stores. So, middle-class people in urban areas consume regular and processed ghee. So, many people in cities are unaware of its availability. Though it only contains a natural fat, still any fat can make you overweight if you don’t limit your consumption. So, consuming fat through ghee is a disadvantage.

This ghee doesn’t have preservatives suitable for health but makes the persevering process difficult. So, it would help if you sealed this ghee in an air-tight jar, put it in a dry area, and regularly check its condition.

Health Benefits

This ghee’s nutritional value and health benefits are so high that you can easily ignore these disadvantages. Here, we are going to find out the advantages of a2 cow ghee:

Regular cooking and ghee oil contain bad fats that increase our cholesterol, affect our hearts, and increase overall body fat, which causes obesity. On the other hand, A2 ghee treats heart problems, boosts heart functions, and reduces cholesterol since it contains only good natural fats.

A2 desi ghee increases the energy source. It improves metabolism and helps to develop human body parts and overall growth. So, doctors suggest this as a good energy booster. This cow ghee contains natural antioxidants, important vitamins like B2 and B3, and Omega 9 and 3. Therefore, this ghee provides many health benefits.

Consuming this ghee regularly is good for our nervous system. It improves EQ and IQ levels, memory, concentration, and other brain function. It helps to treat physical and mental weakness and even chronic disease. Therefore doctors consider it a natural healer.

The presence of anti-inflammatory qualities and linoleic acid in this ghee is good for the human body. This ghee can improve many medical issues like Stomach alignment, asthma, brunt skin, heart blockage, and bone health. A2 ghee provides the human body with carbohydrates and good fats. You must consider using this if you want to make your body healthier.

Pure desi ghee does not release toxic fumes like regular ghee or cooking oil. Cooking regular oil and ghee in high-temperature releases saturated fat, but a2 ghee does not release any similar saturated temperatures.

The presence of A, C, K, and D vitamins provide nutrition and increase immunity. So, this ghee is especially good for kids and teens who are still at growing age. This ghee improves bone density and bone health. So, it is good for kids and older adults. This ghee can hydrate and improve skin to use as a moisturizer.

A2 ghee is easier to digest than other cooking oil or regular ghee. So, It treats constipation, diarrhea, bloating, acidity, and other digestion problems. This ghee has many detoxifying properties that improve health issues.

Additional Benefits

Not only health benefits but also offers many other benefits. Let’s find out what kind of other benefits this ghee has:

Desi ghee especially A2 ghee is healthy, tested, and smells better than other ghee.

You can directly consume this ghee with bread, roti, rice, and other things. You can also use it as an alternative to cooking oil.
You don’t need a factory or any automated system or machine to produce this ghee. You can make this in your home by using the traditional method. So, the making process is comparatively cheap.


A2 cow ghee has several uses and health benefits. This ghee is made naturally using the traditional bilona process, which makes this ghee even purer. So, you should consume it daily if you are a health-conscious person.