In SEO Optimization What is Link Building?

As a website owner link building is a very common term to us. More links means more business. Plenty of web developers are working everyday for link building jobs. What is link building? This common question to many SEO professionals. Before to move introducing the concept of link building let you know what is a link or how to create a link.

Link is an anchor tag of HTML. It can be wrote using <a href=”” target=”_blank”>link here</a>. Now let us discuss what is link building? In this regard I can say “Link building is nothing but the availability of your links in other websites”. Assume your website is for fashion & fashion related materials. Your links are not index in the top 10 results of Search engine Google. You already did with the best on-page SEO. It means your links are not holding that much of quality backlinks. In the algorithm of Google “High PR backlinks” is a checking point to display results.

Link building has several ways. You can improve your link building using profile creation, blog commenting or social media marketing. During link building check three thing in high priority. First let you know the PR rank of the website. It’s better if the website you going to create a backlink is a High PR network. Secondly, is the url is a unique URL for web. Is the page contains your link as in the document body of an anchor tag. If ever things goes fine you are done with a successful backlink. Each backlink is a subset of Link building.