Here are 3 medium-risk ICICI Funds you should definitely Consider

In the current era, more and more people are tilting towards investing in mutual fund investments. Although these investments come with market risks, still one can get good returns if the asset managers can manage the fund well. One can only expect to get outstanding returns from a mutual fund if the right decisions have been taken on the right time.

Nowadays, leading banks operating in the country are providing the investors with a chance to invest in mutual funds that are maintained by the asset managers appointed by them. If you are currently planning for investing in a mutual fund, there are some important facts you need to learn about it.

Apart from the detailed knowledge regarding various types of mutual funds, you can get to know about 3 medium risk ICICI mutual fund in this article. ICICI Bank is a private banking entity which has an outstanding network and excellent customer base all over the county.

Types of Mutual Funds

For someone who is soon planning to invest in a mutual fund, knowing the types of mutual funds present in the market should be the first thing on the list. Mutual funds can be classified concerning objectives, tenures, investment styles etc. But, most important of all are asset class and risk, as these two can put significant impressions on the returns that the investor can get. Here are the variants of mutual funds present with respect to the asset class:

Debt Funds – The debt funds are considered to be the type of mutual funds where the asset manager buys government debentures, bonds etc. from the monetary pool where several mutual investors put their money. The returns will entirely depend upon the market rates of the bonds and debentures. No tax benefits can be availed on the returns.

Equity Funds – In case of equity funds, the asset manager of the mutual fund buys the shares and stocks of various companies. Here, the tax benefits are also available. Equity funds in India are considered high-risk funds as the Indian stock market is unstable.

Money Market Funds – The money market funds are related to the bills and other such commodities like CPs. If you are desiring to improve your surplus, the best way to choose is to invest in the money market mutual fund. These funds incur very low risks, and one can expect to get decent respect from it.

Hybrid Funds – Hybrid funds are a unique type of mutual funds where the asset manager takes different types of assets into account to gain the outcome from it. The asset manager purchases different kinds of assets to maintain an optimum balance between the risk and return. So, this type of mutual fund can be considered as a low-risk mutual fund.

3 Medium Risk ICICI funds to choose to get good returns

Here is the list of three medium-risk ICICI funds that are expected to deliver good returns. Moreover, you can always check ICICI prudential mutual fund and its variants and choose a scheme according to your choice.

ICICI Prudential Monthly Income Plan

The ICICI Prudential Monthly Income Plan is a hybrid variant of a mutual fund. It can provide the return after five years of investment at a percentage of 9.74. As it deals with hybrid assets, one can consider facing a moderate risk while maintaining it. As an investor, you can hope of getting a sum like your regular income when the returns start.

ICICI Prudential Savings Fund

The ICICI Prudential Savings Fund is a mutual fund investment that deals with the asset of debts and government bonds. As for dealing with debentures and government bonds have mediocre risk, you can expect to get reasonable returns from this ICICI mutual fund. The returns can be gained in 5 years at a rate of 8.10%.

ICICI Prudential Income Plan

The ICICI Prudential Income Plan is another mutual fund that deals with debenture and bonds of the government. In five years, this mutual fund investment plan can deliver the returns at the rate of 6.42%. The investor can take this ICICI mutual fund to make money for a longer period.

When you take a mutual fund plan, it is essential to check both the experience and excellence of the asset manager. If you take any of the above plans, you may be free from anxiety and expect to get the proper return on time as the mother organization is ICICI bank.

The asset managers of ICICI Bank keeps a close eye on the money market and the stock market. They have a clear goal to deliver the right profit to the mutual investors who have invested their hard-earned money. Before taking a final decision of investing in a mutual fund, you must do proper research.