How Can AR filters help Business on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat?

If you are reading this, then you might know about AR filters in Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook. AR App Development Company like Ibiixo have expertise in developing filters that help you grow your business. You must also be using them. But what you might not know is that filters can be your new ally. For all, they can do to boost your business. Let’s see how to stir up your social media game to skyrocket your business with AR filters.

AR filters such as Instagram filters stories have transformed the way we interact with the audience. They are fun, easy to use, and can share them with your friends or followers. Anyone with an Instagram or Snapchat account can use AR filters to grow followers.

As you gain more followers, you can become an influencer to promote products or services. Thus, this creates an excellent opportunity to earn on the side.

How to create AR filters?

You can have filters like custom Instagram filters and many more for both PC and mobile.

Hiring a professional digital service provider allows you to have a custom Filter for your business online, without even making a Business Account. Having a uniquely customized filter lets you absorb the undivided online attention. You’ll be able to launch online campaigns for a number of business goals, as well as have a filter for multiple locations. Such a smart filter with dynamic texts allows you to not just Age-target your Filters but to get through the right audience.

You can also get personalized Snapchat augmented reality filters and Snapchat lens. It will make your audience explore & enjoy a twisted perspective of filters.

A custom AR filters dedicated to business campaigning requires a great deal of expertise to bridge the gap between virtual and real objects. This is what AR filters are meant to be. And this is why it only necessitates an expert developer to build an AR filter for the specific business needs.

How AR filters can help to grow Your Business?

There are ample of fascinating reasons to plunge into the AR marketing juggernaut. Still so, nothing speaks louder than stats.

It’s not just about the 3.5 billion AR users. Ad revenue from augmented reality content is set to shoot up to an estimated $15 billion by 2022. It is further expected to hit $70-75 billion in revenue by 2023. Many companies, including health and military sectors, have adopted AR companies in some way.

Creating custom AR filters can boost your brand recognition and interaction with the audience. Include a brand logo on the custom Instagram and Facebook augmented reality or Snapchat filters. This way, the audience will recognize your brand immediately. Free publicity will be available if the custom filter becomes popular.

They don’t always need to be typically business-oriented. They can also be fun or creative while being able to convey the desired message/story. For example, custom Instagram filters can be useful in live videos, stories, or photos.

Which AR platforms are best to engage with audiences online?

Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram are currently dominating the marketing industry when it comes to AR platforms. On Facebook, Users are easily enabled to create augmented reality content using the Spark AR Studio. While on Snapchat, they are charging up with Lens Studio.

Moreover, Facebook is opening up Spark AR to Instagram Stories. It is considered to create some happening opportunities for brands to reach potential customers. Creatives will be facilitated to create content for Instagram executing Spark AR Studio on Mac & Windows.

However, to make any technology successful for business-specific goals, one needs to have thorough expertise. Deploying custom AR filters or custom Instagram filters to maximize business benefits is not a child’s play. Thus, needs a proficient developer or Augmented Reality development Company for ongoing support.

Best AR platforms to create a revolutionary business using AR filters


Does facebook filters work? No two businesses are alike, though their target market is. This is one reason that makes it utterly important for companies to stand out from the rest. With over 2.5billion Facebook users across the globe, the platform offers businesses an opportunity to outdo their brand online and thus automatically offline.

Using tools like Facebook augmented reality, Face Filters, and Audience Network is making companies capture attention and instant action. Using creative Facebook filters, allow brands to tell their story desirably on any device. It can be mini-games similar to face filters. It can even be a captivating video, images or texts– or a combination of these components.

Say, for example, Pokemon Go is the best example of Adapting AR in the gaming industry.


Instagram is the second-most popular social media platform, after Facebook. It has proved to be an optimal network for increasing brand awareness and communicating with potential consumers. Using custom Instagram AR filters will put you up there with the suave companies on earth.

Choosing an actionable Brand and Campaign-centric Instagram AR filters would be beyond your imagination of how huge an impact it will have on the way brands engage with customers.

Image trackers, Instagram filters story are a few of the compelling reasons to jump on the Instagram AR filters marketing juggernaut.

Snapchat Marketing

Wish to Increase your e-commerce sales? Professional AR companies like Ibiixo can help you achieve your goal by broadcasting your business campaigns. Want to know how? Through Snapchat Marketing Strategy via Snapchat augmented reality filters.

Without converting Snapchat followers into sales, it’s of no use to have as many followers and wasted money. Using Geofilters and Snapchat-exclusive promotions, only an expert can ensure that your brand reaches its potential prospects & profitability.

How to Engage Users with Filters?

Only filters that users find interesting, they will share in their stories or with friends. An expert developer or an AR app development company possibly has the virtuoso to create brand filters that can make a brand become a brand ambassador.

Deciding on your promotion strategy, target market and business objective, etc., an AR app development company curates your custom Facebook augmented reality. If you go live or use stories, your brand can get a wider reach.

Employing innovative Instagram feature can help you to promote filters for businesses. These custom filters can be immensely helpful in building an unbeatable brand identity.

New age users tend to try new filters to share it with their audience. This way, they get to grow followers and likes on social media. It is a win-win situation for both audiences and to your brand.


AR is going to be the next big thing, and if you are not utilizing it appropriately, then soon you will fall behind the competition. This is the right time to move forward with AR Technology. So, plan to include it either internally or externally to your brand.

If you want to create professional filters or lenses, Ibiixo Technologies – an augmented reality development company can be at your service. Committed to creating the best filters possible is quite popular to bring well-defined audiences to the brands. The service provider is well-known to deliver the most successful and breakthrough use cases of AR filters. So, for a filter that can make your business viral, you can approach Ibiixo.

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