Moments to Invest in Stocks – By the Top Stock Market Forum in India

Before we start, will you please answer a question honestly? Do you stay overconcerned all day long about making profits through online trading? If yes, then the chances are high; you must be looking at your trading account every single minute, every single day. But do you know that it has several drawbacks that you might not be “aware of?” For instance, you may suffer from mental fatigue and confusion sometimes. Not just that, spending too many hours watching charts and graphs on your screen could make you counter-productive and also affect your personal and professional life to a great extent. So, the question arises, what could you do to refrain from the possible stress generated by online trading? Well, it will help if you keep things balanced by paying heed to the indicators, charts, and other critical news about your preferred stock through the best stock market forum in India.

By doing this, you won’t “just” acquire essential information about stock marketing but also stay abreast of possible financial risks down the line. How? The leading “stock market website in India” consistently shares the “breaking news” about the stocks’ peak, average, and bottom performance. Thus, if you come across the news stating that one of your holdings is performing “extremely” badly in the stock market, you can sell them quickly and refrain from making an unbearable loss. If that’s not all, you can also sift through the discussions in the investor-centric stock market forum in India to know what other people in your niche are doing and if the move you are considering making is wise or not.

So, now that you are aware of the importance of an excellent stock market forum in India, it’s time to shift your attention to the most critical topic you came here for, i.e.,

What is the right time to invest in stocks: By the premier stock market forum in India?

1. The Most Lucrative Day

If you usually pay attention to the rumours circulating in the stock market niche, you might have heard that “Monday is the best day to invest in stocks, while Friday is the best day to get rid of it.” Do you know the logic behind this advice? If not, we must tell you that investors generally consider Monday as the most suitable day to buy shares because the prices are at the lowest on that day.

While on the flip side, they believe Friday is the most appropriate day to sell shares since the prices are highest on that day. “To be frank,” adopting this approach is not wise at all. Do you know why? Because if it were the condition, there would be no sellers on a Monday and no buyers on a Friday on the online trading platform. Besides, it would also disrupt the entire demand-supply system that is existing currently. So, please overlook such a strategy when trading online.

2. The Best Time of the Day

Knowing the answer to this query is most important for intraday traders. Do you know the reason? They have to buy and sell their stocks on the same day. And since they don’t retain any “stock,” they must earn their profits on the same day within the trading hours.

Logically, you may feel like it is best to keep tabs on your trading account the whole day and look for the golden opportunity to buy or sell the stocks. But it is purely silly to do this. “But, why,” you might ask. Well:

A. Looking at the stock details for several hours throughout a day could lead to mental tiredness

B. The volume in which stocks get traded on the business day could drop after the first 90 minutes

C. The volatility in the stock market usually drops after the first 90 minutes

D. You might have a dispute with the experienced traders out there who keep looking for opportunities to manipulate the rates and alter the market situation entirely.

So, what the potential solution to this problem is? Well, it will work wonder if you stick to trade between 9:30 to 10:30 am. Additionally, you can also stay till 11 am if you want to observe things around more deeply and then make a well-informed decision based on that.

3. The Highly Favourable Conditions

The ideal time to purchase stocks is when the prices of its shares are on the lower side. Of course, you may want to wait to let the price drop even further. But what if it doesn’t? The tables could turn anytime soon, and you might have to avoid buying the same stock at a high price. Thus, it is good to make the share purchase at a low price and then sell them at a high-profit margin when its value starts scaling.

4. Other Important Factors

In addition to all we discussed above, it is vital to monitor the share prices of the stock you want to “invest in.” The reason? It will let you know when it is the apt time to buy it. Just to let you know, the Moving Average is a good indicator of the range of your stock price. So, if the MA of your desired stock rises, its price becomes the highest, and if it falls, its price becomes the lowest. Thus, this way, you can make a more-sound decision based on the MA analysis.

The rundown

We hope you learned by heart the most preferred time to buy and sell stocks on the online trading platform. So, if you want to acquire more knowledge, head today to the industry-leading stock market website in India now.