I believe strong Dedication & hard Promises help us to find the way. Struggles are the part of Success. It comes to exam our Dedication. Would like to introduce myself with you. This is Biswabhusan from India. By profession working as a Sr. Technical Lead in a multi-national company.

In this media did started with a day dream to became an independent contractor by doing successful business in web. The cause here I am with my first content based site JHARAPHULA. Thanks to Adsense for all our Sponsors.

The name “JHARAPHULA” is a keyword from the deep of Jungle. She has a beautiful Smell. But my bad she is unknown to many. “JHARAPHULA” is a Oriya keyword. Generally women’s use this flower to decorate their hair.

By profession as a part of “Information Technology”, Here in this media I determined to provide you the accurate and quality information’s. From Animals to Zoology we will share you all our knowledge base.


“I wish to watch every Individual as my Customer.”


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On the runway of time every individual has his own Stories and Experiences. Which are Costly for our upcoming generation. Thinking into this, in this Novel we are presenting innumerable Topics independent of platforms and Categories. Share Us.