Technological age is happening, and information is ubiquitous. But just because everyone can get information from anywhere in anytime, it doesn’t make the information is always true. Our CEO, Biswabhusan who gained his Master of Computer Application degree in 2003 realized that it will become a serious issue, if people get too many biased information or hoaxes that written by irresponsible website. So, in 10th April 2014 Biswabhusan with his team Nibedita Panda, Bijay Kumar Panda, Sushant Kumar Sathpathy, and Satyabrata Panda built a website which provides the most accurate information on the web.

The name of “Jharapula” comes from a flower in the deep of Jungle. This flower has a beautiful smell, yet its presence is unknown. Same thing as jharaphula happens in this world, many talented people who comes from small village yet having big potentials. So does our team, we believe in strong dedication and work hard. We might began from zero but our dream is to be a hero, to become an independent company by doing successful business in web.

Jharaphula is like no other website, because Jharaphula provides more than 26 categories information, from A to Z. You can find everything here from scientific, entertainment, to unique and trivia.

As technology experts, Jharaphula’s CEO and team noticed that not every website is suitable with many types of devices. Some websites layout and appearance will break down if it opened from smartphones or tablets, since it is built in desktop. Therefore, they made the mobile version of Jharaphula to enables mobile users to enjoy the content and stick to the website. And to adapt in this social media age, Jharaphula also available on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

Jharaphula understands that usually, people who like to read tend to also like to write. With more than 7 billion people in this world, there are uncountable unheard stories, thoughts, and experiences. They can just write it on their social media but there are some people who wants to go further and more seriously by publishing it and get readers. While using advertising agencies may costs much, Jharaphula provides an affordable solution where you can publish your writings with Jharaphula. Besides getting readers, you can also lead people to your blog or website and increase the traffic and be noticed in search engine. Thanks to Jharaphula!


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On the runway of time every individual has his own Stories and Experiences. Which are Costly for our upcoming generation. Thinking into this, in this Novel we are presenting innumerable Topics independent of platforms and Categories. Share Us.