How Yoga and Cannabis are Connected?

How Yoga and Cannabis are Connected?

Cannabis and yoga sounds contradicting, right? But, if you delve a little deeper and study, there is certainly a connection between the two. In most countries cannabis has become legalized for medicinal purpose and people are consuming it in various forms for treating multiple health problems like Alzheimer’s, skin disorders, diabetes, and many more. The main component of marijuana the Cannabinoid works to provide relief from anxiety, stress, depression and therapeutic relief from chronic pain. Same as yoga does.

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Today’s lifestyle is such that people don’t have time for themselves or their kids or their families. After a long and tiring day at work all one wants is to unwind and relax, spend some quality time with the family. But the demanding work culture and money matters intrude on this unwinding and relaxing time and clutter the mind.
People have been known to go for walks, practice yoga and meditation, watch the sunset in order to relax and when we add marijuana to the equation, the effect is out-worldly.

Yoga and Cannabis

Cannabis and yoga as a combination has been a topic of debate over the years where a few support the use of marijuana for enhancing the yoga asanas (positions) and a few refute and believe it harmful for the body. This combining of yoga and cannabis might look like a rising trend but in reality, it is far from new; it is in antiquity. For ages yogis have been combining the two and deriving a sense of completion while on the marijuana high.

In many states in the US yoga centers are coming up the new “Ganjasanas” where Ganja (marijuana) is part of the program. In India, where yoga was born, yogis swear by the use of Ganja or Hashish and in fact revere the plant and find it an integral part of their culture.

Due to the US policies on the use of narcotics, marijuana somehow got lost in the books but has re-emerged lately to take its rightful place as a medicinal plant and even the US has conceded to its medicinal qualities and legalized it for medicinal purposes.

Cannabis as an herb has found its way back into the people’s lives and gained momentum in the yoga front too. People are going deeper to understand how cannabis works during yoga.

Yoga is a practice to achieve a peace of mind and relieve from stress and cannabis only enhances the procedure. Cannabis is known to provide relaxation and relieve stress and aches from a human body without any side effects when taken within prescribed doses, although some do get addicted due to the amount consumed on a regular basis.

Cannabis and meditation

Meditation is the core of yoga and to gain benefit out of it, a stress free mind is mandatory. Cannabis helps in achieving simply that. It gets rid of distracting thoughts and gets your mind on track for meditation. Marijuana de-stresses your mind and prepares it for the meditative state.

Relief from pain and aches

Yoga and cannabis both have one thing in common, i.e. relief from pains and aches. They provide relief from physical illnesses like scoliosis. For people suffering from such illnesses the combination of yoga and marijuana works wonder for their ailments and provides them relief from pain and aches.

For some people certain yoga postures are possible only after the consumption of marijuana. Marijuana eliminates pain that few people from experience while performing the yoga postures thereby, letting them continue with the postures without obstructing their workout.

Yoga is deemed to provide inner strength, peace and tranquillity that many yogis achieve only after consuming marijuana which calms the mind and lets it find the peace it is looking for.

If you want to combine yoga with marijuana or cannabis, make sure you are properly trained in the yoga postures and have enough control on your body and at the same time, aware of your body’s reaction to marijuana. Marijuana consumption should be done under experts’ guidance as it comes online in forms like vape pen and as when prescribed as its abuse can lead to adverse effects.