Trying to get Pregnant? – Why you should Consult a Doctor?

Trying to get Pregnant? - Why you should Consult a Doctor?

Most people would agree that the best moment in their life was when they had the first glimpse of their nascent baby. No adjectives can exactly describe the ‘glow of bliss’ enveloping their faces. This is the moment, of satisfaction, of a wish fulfilled. Every prospective mother would dream to cherish the occasion. Few tips, when followed earnestly, would lead the way to the desired destination. It is imperative for all mothers to be, that they must Consult a Doctor even before Trying to get Pregnant.

Two or three generations back, science was not as developed as is seen today. Professionally sound knowledge was not easily available. Advice to a mother to be was generally by elderly women in the family or quacks with half baked knowledge. Open discussion on pregnancy related matters was a taboo in a conservative society. Additionally, psychological inputs were limited. Women, desiring to become pregnant did not have many sources of information. However, there is a sea change in the situation now. Medical science has made great progress. There are solutions available for most medical problems. Society has become more enlightened and liberal. Discussions on private or delicate problems are no more discouraged. Logical thinking produces simple questions in the minds of mothers to be. The query subjects can include health and emotional status of the mother to be, the ideal time period for conception, precautions before and during pregnancy, eventual health issues of baby and mother.

Some of the queries may sound less important. But when it comes to taking every single precaution, a doctor’s advice is most crucial. After all creation of new life must be given due attention. When prospective mothers visit doctor, they can get satisfactory answers to all nagging questions in mind.

Health Status

Preconception visits to the doctor will have many components of deliberations. The doctor would have a full medical checkup of a prospective mother to determine health status. All information about reproductive history, medical and surgical history, current medications, diet, lifestyle and work environment needs to be studied in proper light. It is advised that all information about lifestyle, including alcohol consumption, smoking or any other habits, be discussed with a doctor, so that a clearer picture on health status emerges. The aspect of physical health is of paramount importance, since this status would primarily decide the health of a baby to be born.

At this point doctor can prescribe folic acid or some vitamin supplements, as per need. The importance of some essential vaccinations is explained and their dosages recommended. Doctor’s advice on lifestyle and diet is crucial and needs to be followed in letter and spirit.

Emotional Status

A visit to good family doctor/counselor is also advisable as a sign of abundant precaution. Here the doctor would probe all psychological angles of the mother to be. This process is equally important, because it has direct bearing on prospective mothers. They are convinced of the need to follow health oriented routine and lifestyle for the benefit of self and the child also. Birth of a healthy child reduces emotional burdens of parenting. The ways and means of keeping one’s mind in happy mode are taught during such sessions. Relief from mental stress and anxieties can ensure better health for infant and mother. This is also the point where a doctor / counselor would explain in detail, the hormonal changes that occur after conception, resulting sometimes in mood swings and feelings of intense cravings. A free discussion can make the prospective mothers at ease.

Precautions before and during pregnancy

Prospective mothers are given a long list of Do’s and Don’ts by doctors. Although the items in the list may vary from person to person, some common threads are always found. The first and foremost advice would be to totally stop the consumption of alcohol, tobacco and drugs in any form. Any one component of the list can make a great harm to the mother and also to the unborn baby. Reduction in intake of caffeine is recommended.

Doctors would emphasize the need of a balanced diet for prospective mothers. Simple precautions like avoidance of artificial sweeteners and empty calories can be followed. Doctors can recommend a calibrated diet to be followed before pregnancy. Grains, fruits, leafy vegetables would find important positions in the daily diet. Limited exercise can make the prospective mother’s body more receptive to conception. Visiting a doctor before pregnancy can help in removing doubts about small or big health issues. Doctor’s opinion should outweigh all other inputs.

The ultimate bliss of giving birth to an angel like healthy baby can be a reality for all mothers to be. The key to success lies in following expert advice. The stress free mind can do wonders. Little meditation as per known norms, will certainly add happiness to the whole experience.