Symptoms of HIV AIDS & percussion to Save you from Infection

Symptoms of HIV AIDS & Percussion to Save You from Infection

HIV is Human Immunodeficiency Virus. This virus causes AIDS (Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). HIV virus destroy the body immune system. HIV is a member of the group of viruses known as retroviruses. With out any treatments HIV patient can live maximum 9 to 11 years. This Sexual infection can transfer using blood, semen, vaginal fluid & breast milk. In our body T cells are like border soldiers to protect us from any disease. They creates immune system in our body. HIV virus kills these T cells. HIV is the most dangerous disease in this Millennium. The origin of this virus came from the African green monkeys & chimpanzees. HIV has no cure but today with lot of innovation it can possible to keep live a HIV patient more then the normal duration. Let us discuss the common Symptoms of HIV AIDS.

Symptoms of HIV AIDS

Many peoples do not get any Symptoms after they affected with HIV. Very few get flu like illness after the 2 to 3 weeks they affected with HIV. Up-to 3 months even if you test your blood for HIV, its difficult to detect the virus. You cannot faith on symptoms to know whether you have HIV positive or not. The only way to know is HIV test. When the virus will fully active in your body, In the stage of AIDS you will get the following symptoms.

  • Immediate Weight loss
  • Skin rashes
  • Mouth, genital, or anal sores from herpes infections.
  • Fever.
  • Lack of Energy.
  • Sore throat & Swollen glands
  • Muscle & Joint aches pains

Percussion in HIV

HIV/AIDS is incurable. Its better if we take percussion against HIV. HIV Spreads from one to other using intercourse, blood transfer & from a pregnant mother to her baby. Keep remember never sleep with a HIV infected partner. At the time of blood transfer check properly that the blood you are going to inject in your body must be HIV free. Take blood from blood bank. If you are taking injection always prefer to use disposable syringes. Once after use through it in dustbin. Today after a lot of development medical science is capable to protect you baby inside from HIV. In case you are a pregnant woman consult your Doctor to know more about this.

Treatments of HIV

Two main types of HIV vaccines are currently in market preventive and therapeutic. Anti-retroviral therapies have brought renewed hope for many people living with HIV. Once you know you have HIV immediate move to any HIV treatment center. Else if you make delay rapidly the virus will damage your immune system. Early treatment to AIDS can help you to live long and active.

In India the first HIV patient was detected in 1986, about 2.5 million Indians are now living with the HIV virus. By looking the rate of patients in India, India government has it own HIV community center known as “National AIDS Control Organization”. Like India many countries have their AIDS associations. December 1st is declared as “World AIDS Day”. World AIDS Day was first conceived in August 1987 by James W. Bunn & Thomas Netter. The major cause of World AIDS Day is to generate awareness against HIV. Learn about HIV & Spread this knowledge to your Circulation to protect our young generations from HIV/AIDS.