Mumbai review – My experience on the trip to Mumbai

Mumbai review - My experience on the trip to Mumbai

I planned my first trip to Mumbai at 21st June 2016. It wasn’t so unavoidable but since I anyways wanted to check out the city, I decided to move ahead with it.

I arrived at the Mumbai Airport early morning on 26th, Tuesday. The second I stepped out of the airport, it was hot and humid like hell. I could literally smell mustiness in the air. It was excessively polluted. That meant a mixture of land, water, air and noise pollution.

I booked my can at 10:25am to travel to my pre-booked guest house at Versova, Andheri West. I reached there at 12:40PM.  That was 10 km in more than 2 hours.

Upon reaching the destination, I realized that all pics and reviews of Versova (a so-called upmarket area) on Google are false. It’s a highly polluted beach and a highly polluted neighborhood. Even more, it’s very crowded and congested. People were very loud, noisy and impatient.

Thereafter, I left for some personal work at Malad. A little better, but still not livable enough. All buildings were marked with those black after-rain stains.

By 7 in the evening, I returned to Versova beach. The beach was dirty and polluted. Leave alone enjoying there, it was hard to walk.

The restaurants and bars were indeed small shops and highly priced.

I left for Churchgate early morning next day. Unfortunately, I thought it would be a good idea to try the Mumbai local since it was the fastest means of transport in that city. When I boarded the train, it was not so crowded. I didn’t get a seat but had enough space to stand. This was just till I reached the next station and the crowd that boarded the train crushed and grinded me. This was over and above the discomfort due to excessive humidity.

I reached Churchgate in about and hour and walked to Gateway Of India after some other personal work I had there. Had a decent ferry ride to Elephanta caves. Nice experience. And returned.

This is written by Karan Khanna, co-admin of