Frequently asked Common CSS3 Interview Questions

Frequently asked Common CSS3 Interview Questions

With the Growing Internet Network there are many vacancies for UI Developers. As you know CSS builds look & feel in our web pages. Latest version of CSS is CSS3. If you are seeking for a job as a UI developer you many have CSS3 question in Interview. In this page I am sharing some of the Common CSS3 Interview Questions. Hope it will help you for your Career goal.

CSS3 Interview Questions

1. What are different ways to apply CSS styles to a Web page?

2. How CSS3 is different from CSS?

3. What do you mean by Imported CSS?

4. What is a Class & what is an id? How to use class & id using CSS3?

5. What is Contextual Selector in CSS3?

6. What is grouping in CSS3?

7. Give an example of Child selectors.

8. Is CSS3 case sensitive?

9. What are pseudo classes?

10. How to comment in CSS3?

11. What is Box Model in CSS3?

12. What are the models available in CSS3?

13. How you will create Rounded Corners using CSS3?

14. What is CSS rule ‘ruleset’?

15. What new futures added in CSS3 for Borders?

16. What are the Advantages using CSS3?

17. How is multiple background images handled in CSS3?

18. What is wrapping in CSS3?

19. What is opacity in CSS3?

20. What is attribute selector?